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The Impact of a Custom T-Shirt

Do you have an upcoming fundraising event? Or, have you recently launched your new startup? Whatever your cause is, one effective way to promote and raise awareness is by wearing, selling, or gifting custom t-shirts.

Although the idea might sound outdated for some, a lot of companies print and distribute custom tees. Trust us, they never go out of style. Just choose and print an eye-catching logo or icon with text, and you’re sure to draw more attention from the crowd. But if you\’re still skeptical about it, here are a few things you can get from a custom t-shirt.

Sparks Interest

As mentioned, a custom tee will get you noticed. It\’s an effective way to pique someone\’s interest and curiosity. Expect that others will probably come up to you and ask about your custom t-shirt\’s logo and design. Who knows, someone might even become interested in wearing the same shirt!

Provides a Wider Reach

Custom t-shirts are comparable to walking advertisements, which makes them effective for launching a wider reach. Just imagine handing out fifty shirts to fifty people. They can wear them and promote your cause wherever they go. Each person can effortlessly become influential with a customized tee. It\’s simple, easy, and cost-efficient, right?

Works as a Conversation Starter

Have you ever attended a concert where you met a lot of people because you were wearing your favorite band shirt? You had something to talk about, so it was easy to start a conversation.

It\’s the same thing when you plan to wear a custom t-shirt to your company\’s team building, school\’s homecoming event, or business opening day. It can attract anyone who becomes curious about your cause.

Create a powerful statement. Think about the purpose of your custom tee, and come up with an interesting logo or tagline. Also, make sure that it\’s eye-catching since the design affects its overall appeal. You\’d be surprised that some people will unexpectedly reach out and start a conversation!

Creates Unity Among Members

Now, what happens to people who share the same causes and ideas? They bond together and form relationships. This is what custom tees can do for people, even when they’re strangers. They can definitely create a sense of unity. They build solidarity among team members, employees, students, customers, and clients.

Just think about being in a room with a bunch of people wearing the same shirt. Aside from matching outfits, you get a sense of belongingness that helps build a strong, unifying community.

If you want to recruit or encourage others to join or get to know more about your cause, investing in custom tees can contribute to your efforts.

Makes a Lasting Impression

It goes without saying that visual appeal is impactful. Do you know that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster compared to text or audio? This means that our minds are made to retain more visual information. Text and audio are also efficient, but they can become more complex, which requires repetition and a longer time frame to absorb.

So, if you print images or logos on your custom tees, there\’s a greater chance that people will remember you for a longer period of time.

If you\’re running a business, this is a bright idea to consider. In fact, printed shirts have helped a lot of small businesses and startups to gain more attention, as well as to increase customer engagement.

Although visuals are much more effective in creating a long-lasting impression, it\’s not always best to exclusively design your custom t-shirt with images. You can still get the best of both worlds by adding text to provide some additional information.

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Saves You More Money

You don\’t have to burn a hole in your pocket when printing and distributing custom t-shirts. They\’re not that expensive, which is one of the reasons why it\’s a cost-efficient investment.

Say you have a business and you\’ve been thinking about some marketing techniques you want to try. Some of them will surely require a higher budget, which can mean a high-risk, high-reward investment. But for something simple like custom tees, you\’ll only need to spend money on a few things. Pick a t-shirt brand made from your preferred material, and fill it up with some design elements. Also, it\’s best to hire a graphic designer for top-quality, professional designs. Overall, you can get all of these things at a lower price, compared to other traditional and digital marketing techniques.

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Boosts Employee Morale

Have you recently felt that you need to do something to boost employee morale at your company? Consider investing in custom t-shirts and distributing them to your whole staff.

Custom t-shirts are a great way to show your employees that they\’re valued in the company. It builds a sense of pride and belonging to represent the organization. If your employees feel proud of their work, they\’re more likely to work harder. Happiness can actually lead to higher productivity levels.

The Power of Custom T-Shirt Printing

Custom apparel can bring so much more to your company, event, or cause. If you\’re interested, start investing in custom t-shirts. BYOG is more than happy to help you with the details and design process.

At BYOG, we offer high-quality printing services that can match your apparel needs. We can also provide you with several customization options, so you can achieve your ideal design. Feel free to reach out at 855-776-8465 to get started. Aside from shirts, we can also customize many other products, such as bags, drinkware, tech gadgets, writing materials, and more!

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