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The Top 12 Gifts to Provide Vendors

One way to increase business sales is to order custom gifts with your business logo or name printed on them. If you\’re looking for custom gift ideas for vendors that stand out and are sure to impress, keep reading to discover a few ideas to choose from at BYOG Logo.

Custom Notebooks

Custom notebooks are a great gift for vendors, as they are a useful, practical item that your vendors will use on an everyday basis. Remember that the more often vendors use your gifts, the more often that they\’ll be reminded of your business. You can even order sustainable, eco-friendly notebooks for your vendors. Alternatively, some notebooks come with a matching pen that you can also have printed with a custom logo or business name.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer makes a great gift for vendors because it’s compact enough to be carried around and used on a daily basis. As an added bonus, hand sanitizer is a highly sought after item that can be gifted to anyone, regardless of their age, background or interests. But hand sanitizer is a small gift, so you may want to give it to your vendors along with a few other custom gifts.

Metal USB Flash Drives

If you\’re searching for an appropriate gift for busy professionals, it\’s well worth having custom metal USB flash drives manufactured. You can even have custom USB flash drives created to feature the primary color of your business. This way, your vendors will instantly associate their brand new flash drive with your business.

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Tumblers also make an ideal gift for vendors. Most individuals would love to receive a high-quality tumbler to use as a coffee mug. This is especially true because disposable coffee cups are becoming less popular as more individuals prefer to use eco-friendly tumblers to store their coffee. Better yet, you\’ll be able to opt for tumblers that feature handy lids to prevent liquid from spilling.

Wine Glasses

If you know that some of your vendors enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine, you\’ll be able to have your business logo printed on beautiful wine glasses. If you\’re tempted to give custom wine glasses, why not opt for modern stemless wine glasses that are sure to impress. You\’ll find yourself spoiled for choice when you browse for custom wine glasses, as there are a wide variety of classic and contemporary styles to choose from.

Wine Cooler

If you\’re sold on the idea of gifting some of your most valuable vendors classy wine glasses, you may want to order custom wine coolers as well. Consider giving a wine cooler to each vendor, along with a pair of wine glasses. You may want to gift your vendors a two-wine bottle wine cooler to keep wine cool on warm days. It comes with a handy shoulder strap.

Alternatively, you may choose to opt for an eco-friendly, clear PVC cooler that can be filled with ice. See-through wine coolers are currently trendy and make a great gift. If you\’re searching for another option, there are a wide variety of neoprene wine coolers to choose from.

Smart Phone Grips

As most individuals carry their smartphones with them all day, you might want to consider ordering custom phone grips for your vendors. You can even purchase phone grips that double as a phone stand and allow your gift recipients to position their phones to watch videos or stream television programs on their smartphones. One advantage of gifting smartphone grips is that it\’s highly likely that other individuals will ask your vendors about your business or brand and its range of products and services.

Microfiber Screen Cleaners

Another smartphone-related gift that your vendors will be sure to appreciate are microfiber screen cleaners. These can be used to clean a wide variety of electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Messenger Bags

If you\’re looking for a more impressive, substantial gift, you may want to present your vendors with custom messenger bags. Messenger bags make a great gift, as they are a large, expensive looking gift that’s practical and can be used on a daily basis. Your vendors may even use the messenger bag they receive from your business as an everyday work bag. They may even be able to fit a laptop inside their new messenger bag.

But if you really want to wow your vendors, you can place smaller gifts, such as custom pens and a custom notebook, inside their new messenger bag. This way, when they open their bag to inspect it, they\’ll find more thoughtful gifts from your business. If you manage to wow your vendors, they\’ll be sure to remember your business and to advocate for your brand in the future.

Custom Headphones

Headphones are another practical gift that everyone has a use for, especially since it’s so easy to misplace headphones. If you\’re looking for a tech-inspired gift to present to your vendors, it\’s well worth ordering custom headphones.

Tech Pens

Tech pens have two uses. They can be used as pens and also as styluses on touch screen devices, such as smartphones and tablets. As styluses are also easy to misplace, your vendors will appreciate receiving tech pens as one of their gifts.


You’d be surprised at the number of people who love receiving free t-shirts. T-shirts make an excellent gift for vendors. When they wear the t-shirt that you gifted them out and about, they\’ll act as moving billboards for your business or brand.

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More Gift Ideas For Vendors

If you\’d love to be able to establish a positive working relationship with your vendors, it\’s worth selecting a few of the gifts listed above, or browse our other products online. For more gift ideas for vendors, visit us at BYOG. Contact us by phone or online to speak with one of our client service professionals. We are here to help and look forward to serving you.

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