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Top 6 Ways to Make the Holidays Memorable with Custom Items

If you feel stuck when it comes to finding ways to make the holidays memorable, kick your effort up a few notches by ordering custom products to give friends and loved ones. Custom gifts make it easy to enhance your holiday celebrations. Everyone will notice the extra details that you put into the holidays when you create personalized gifts to share.

Your friends and family appreciate the extra effort you put in to make the holidays more personal. Show that you care with custom items. Follow this guide for a few ideas about the kinds of gifts you can design and give your loved ones over the holiday season. Here are some specific custom gift items that we recommend.

Felt Pennants

You can create a wonderful holiday atmosphere with colored felt pennants. These gifts can really elevate the holiday spirit, especially when you include your own personalized message on the pennants. Pennants are like small, personalized flag banners. They measure about five inches by twelve inches. They are made of top quality felt material that is soft as well as durable. You will enjoy the fact that they feel exquisitely downy to the touch.This banner can be imprinted with many different colors.

The main color of the banner can be chosen in red, green, or white for a holiday vibe. You can use these for festivities at home or your business. Also, they can be reused the following year if you are using them as a decoration. You can also give them as gifts to people, or use them instead of regular greeting cards for a different kind of upscale effect this holiday season.

Round Keepsake Buttons

A terrific option for a memorable gift that can be enjoyed year round is a keepsake button. This kind of gift is endlessly customizable and sure to spread festive cheer. Our round keepsake buttons are made of top quality materials and come with a safety pin on the back. They can be pinned onto sweaters, blouses, jackets, blazer and suit lapels, even tote bags. Create your own special message and design to spread joy and love this holiday season. Your friends and family members will appreciate this thoughtful and inspirational keepsake.

Clear Zip-Tight Bags

You can imprint your own message and design on clear-zip-tight bags. These make great containers for baked goods that can be given to guests and friends. If you’re having a small family gathering, consider arranging filled bags in the center of your table as a wonderful friendly centerpiece for guests to take. Friends and family members can even save the bag to use for storing items after it’s been emptied. The bags come in different sizes and are resealable. These high-quality bags add a custom, festive touch.

Another idea is to have a basket of custom zip tight bags on a table by your front door to give to people during the holiday season. You can create a little goody bag that includes a felt pennant, a custom button, and more. Simply add some baked goods or candy canes and you’ve got the ultimate holiday treasure bag ready to go.

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Dinner Napkins

If you are hosting guests over the holidays or cooking special meals to drop off for friends and family members, it’s great to have a well-stocked supply of personalized dinner napkins. Personalized napkins add an extra element of class or fun to any occasion. These napkins come in many colors. Choose the traditional white, red or green for the holidays, or choose another color that you enjoy.

Add your special message and design to make the napkins more meaningful to everyone who uses them. Guests and friends will love the personalized touches that make any holiday meal even more special. Our personalized dinner napkins come with regal embossing along the borders for true elegance and excellence.

Candy Cane Holiday Lip Balm with Silicone Carabiner

This holiday lip balm will be appreciated by guests, family members and friends. Lips can become incredibly dry during colder weather, especially when the heater is being used. Instead of suffering with dry lips, treat those you care about to some nicely flavored lip balm.

When they see your message and graphic on the lip balm, they’ll be warmly reminded of you as they appreciate your thoughtful and practical gift. The carabiner on the lip balm is a wonderful addition, as it can easily attach to a belt loop or purse, ensuring that the lip balm remains easily accessible when it’s needed.

Custom Fragrance-Free Hand Sanitizer

This fragrance-free hand sanitizer is an effective alternative to washing hands with soap when water is not available. It will kill ninety-nine percent of germs, including those that cause COVID-19. This thoughtful gift is sure to afford real peace of mind to your loved ones during this holiday season.

Custom hand sanitizer shows those you love that you care about their health. Your special message will make using the hand sanitizer an even more pleasant experience. Consider keeping some for yourself to carry with you when you’re out and about, or to put any place guests may need it. This ensures that you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy holiday season.

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Get Started Today

All of these options will help make your holiday season more special and memorable. Each one of these gifts will show your loved ones just how much you care. To purchase these items, or to get even more ideas, visit BYOG today. Our seasoned staff looks forward to helping you by phone or online.

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