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13 Business Promotional Items for the Holidays

Handing out business promotional items during the holiday season is a great way to increase brand awareness for your company, as well as to increase sales. If you\’re interested in ordering custom promotional items that feature the logo or name of your business, simply continue reading to discover the best promotional products to choose from.

1) Wine Glasses

It\’s a great idea to order wine glasses as business promotional items for the holidays. This way, the recipients of your promotional items will be able to use their new wine glasses during social events over the holiday season. If you\’re looking for a unique option, you can\’t go wrong by choosing modern, stemless wine glasses.

2) Portable Coolers

Portable coolers are another excellent promotional item to market your business over the holiday season. They allow individuals to keep wine bottles and other items cool over long periods of time. Some of your options include wine coolers that can house a single wine bottle, and larger wine coolers that are designed to accommodate several wine bottles at once.

3) Bottle Openers

As most individuals enjoy attending social gatherings during the holiday season, you may want to consider ordering custom bottle openers. This way, your gift recipients will think fondly of your business any time they pop open a bottle of wine or beer while celebrating the holidays. As an added bonus, bottle openers are small items that individuals can easily carry around with them and continue to use into the new year. You may even want to consider purchasing bottle openers that double as key rings.

4) Tote Bags

Tote bags with your business\’ logo printed on the front are a great item to give away during the holiday season. Individuals can transport holiday gifts in their totes and use them for other purposes. This option is eco friendly and thoughtful. You can even opt to order red or green tote bags that reflect your brand’s holiday spirit. Tote bags are an excellent choice for business promotional items.

5) Travel Mugs

One of the best promotional items to opt for are travel mugs. A high percentage of individuals regularly drink coffee or tea and would surely appreciate being able to drive to work with a freshly brewed beverage in their new cup. Travel mugs are also an ideal promotional item, as you can order insulated travel mugs that will keep drinks hot in winter and cold during the hottest summer months. These items can be used even after the holiday season, so they will engage potential customers all year long. 

6) Beanies

Beanies are a practical item to customize over the holiday season. You can even get your business\’ logo printed on the front of your beanies. It\’s a great idea to order black beanies, as these will likely appeal to a wide demographic. Individuals will be keen to wear custom beanies on an everyday basis. Remember, the more often someone wears your promotional hat the more people may find out about your business.

7) Coasters

Coasters are another useful gift that many individuals forget to purchase but would love to receive as a promotional item. Coasters are decorative, and they also protect surfaces, such as hard wood tables, from being stained by wine, coffee, and condensation. Coasters are great business promotional items because each time recipients use your gift, they\’ll be reminded of your brand.

If you run an eco-friendly business, you may want to opt for sustainable cork coasters. This way, individuals will associate your business with being green.

8) Stress Balls

Stress balls are a fun and novel gift. They make great promotional items over the holidays because they stand out in comparison to more traditional business promotional items. In order to get individuals into the holiday spirit, you may want to opt for holiday-themed stress balls that feature your business\’ name or logo. Alternatively, you can choose sphere-shaped stress balls that feature your business\’ primary colors.

9) Notebooks and Pens

Instead of giving away promotional pens on their own, it\’s a smart idea to pair them with promotional notebooks, too. Both of these should feature your business\’ logo and contact details.

If you have a website, you may want your business website to feature on your chosen notebooks and pens as well. 

Stationary sets also make great promotional items for the holiday season because individuals can use them to jot down gift ideas for their loved ones, and more. If you\’re searching for practical business promotional items, you can\’t go wrong with stationary sets.

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10) Santa Hats

If you\’re looking for a lighthearted promotional item to give away, consider making custom Santa hats that are printed with your business information. Alternatively, you can also opt for fun elf hats. This is sure to get potential clients in the holiday mood. 

11) Mints

You can even order custom mint containers that feature your business\’ logo. Don’t worry, they come already filled with mints. Mints are a practical promotional item for the holiday season, as they always come in handy, and they fit in a pocket or purse. Everyone enjoys an after dinner (or before dinner) mint. 

12) USB Chargers

USB chargers are a handy item that most individuals will use on a daily basis. One reason why you can\’t go wrong in ordering custom USB chargers is that chargers actually deteriorate over time. As a result, most individuals would love to receive a brand new USB charger. The bonus is that, every time they use it, they will be reminded of your brand. 

13) Drink Bottles

Consider ordering custom drink bottles as business promotional items. Drink bottles are very useful items that individuals can take to work each day, as well as to other places like the gym. Most individuals will also use promotional drink bottles on the weekends, especially if they lead active lifestyles and enjoy hiking or playing a sport. These can be used all year round, and will always remind potential customers of you and your brand. 

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Design Your Business Promotional Items

If you\’re sold on the idea of ordering business promotional items to boost your business, you can\’t go wrong ordering some of the practical and fun gifts listed above.

If you’re ready to dive right in, click here to start browsing promotional items for your brand. Or, if you need a little help getting started, feel free to reach out to our professional design team at BYOG (925) 829-3950. How can we help?

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