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\’Tis the Season for Cute Custom Hats

Contrary to popular belief, your winter wardrobe doesn\’t have to be drab. There\’s no reason to compromise warmth for style when you can pull off a great look while staying cozy at the same time. Custom hats are one of the best ways to hold on to your body heat, and there are so many fun styles to choose from. So, if your wardrobe needs a little boost this winter, keep reading.

How to Wear Your Custom Hats

Soft Colors

Soft colors are sure to pair well with your current wardrobe. It\’s also easier to place an embroidered design on lighter shades. Greys, gentle blues, and creams are some of the best colors, as they\’re considered unisex, and compliment a wide range of fashion styles. Whether you love your jeans and yoga pants, or have a more formal aesthetic, custom hats in soft colors are flattering.

Subtle Designs

Your custom hat doesn\’t need a bold design that can be seen from far away, unless you prefer a more dramatic look. Simple or subtle designs can be charming on a high-quality fabric. Even small details can change a plain look into a fun, fashionable custom hat.

Playful Hats

Sometimes monochrome beanies can seem a bit plain. Try adding a playful aspect to your cute custom hats with a pom-pom or two. These are perfect for a casual meeting with friends, or when you\’re running errands on a rainy day.

Why Choose Custom Hats?

Custom hats allow you to add a logo, embroidery, or tag. And, custom orders allow you to choose the exact style and colors you prefer. You also get a chance to make a hat that nobody else has, so you can feel like a trendsetter. Custom hats can suit any activity. Whether it\’s business or playfulness, there\’s sure to be an eye-catching design that you\’ll love.

Fun and Fashionable Gifts

Sometimes it\’s hard to find appropriate gifts for business associates, or even clients. Custom hats can be a great solution since anything can be printed on them. Why not create a cap with your business logo? You can make them more valuable by adding gift cards when you give them out.

Or, if you still don\’t know what to give friends and family on a special holiday, custom hats are a versatile option. By leaving room for creativity, they give you the freedom to design anything you want. Tell them how much you love them by having an important date or name embroidered on the material. You could also create custom designs for your entire family. For instance, if you have plans to attend a special reunion after the pandemic ends. Whatever it is, the customization will make the hat more valuable, and your loved ones will treasure such a thoughtful and unique gift.

Uniqueness and Creativity

Speaking of uniqueness, many people like to have their own distinct style. With all the options to customize your look, there\’s no need to match everyone else. Custom hats are a simple way to try some new designs. Begin by choosing a product you love. From there, you get to work with different fonts, colors, logos, and embroidery options. There are so many different ways to mix and match.

Custom Hats Promote Unity

One of the best ways of showing solidarity is by having a piece of clothing that supports a cause. For example, if you want to show support for your child participating in a sporting event, you can wear clothes with the team\’s logo. Since winter requires layering, you can still show your support by wearing custom hats. If it\’s a school event, you can have the school logo on your child\’s hat, or make it more interesting by having the school\’s mascot printed or embroidered. You can even make custom hats for other parents, or a sports team. This is also a good idea for work events.

Tips For Custom Hats

Choose a winter hat according to the material it\’s made from, the overall style, and what you intend to use it for. Most winter hats are made with wool for extra warmth, but others have a synthetic fiber that may not provide as much temperature regulation as you\’d like. Make sure the hat will keep you warm during cold, rainy months. This should be your first priority before you consider the custom designs you\’ll add to it.

It\’s also essential that you consider other features of the hat. Do you need a baseball cap with a brim, or a beanie that will keep your ears toasty? These will help you choose the best quality hats, especially if you intend to customize them for retail.

How Casual is the Hat?

Winter hats can also be more or less casual. When will you wear the custom hat, and with what sort of outfits? For casual occasions, you can wear a watch cap. These hats can absorb sweat, which makes them perfect if worn under a helmet. You can also wear them when you need to go out in chilly weather. A hat that covers your ears and cheeks will be warmer, and plain colors are generally easier to customize.

If it\’s okay to put the hat in your washing machine with the rest of your clothes, make sure that the design is also safe to wash. Some things are best cleaned by hand. Choose a reputable company so your designs don\’t begin peeling off the first time you wash your custom hats.

Order Custom Hats

Custom hats are in season all year long. If you have questions about designing a look you\’ll love, we\’re here to help. Get in touch with our design experts at BYOG Logo by calling (925) 829-3950 today.

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