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11 Promotional Items for Giveaways

As a business owner, one of the best things you can do for your customers is give away promotional items. Winter and spring months are a great time to surprise your customers with a variety of products that will help them stay warm, even when it\’s rainy outside. Whatever business category you belong to, you can always find appropriate products to give away. Hopefully, the following promotional items will give you some ideas for your own marketing.

1) Custom Apparel

Custom sweaters, hoodies, and jackets are a little more costly to create, but they\’re a good marketing investment if they have your brand logo printed on them. These are special promotional items that will be seen as more valuable by the recipient. They also serve a practical purpose.

There are plenty of types of apparel that you can give out, depending on who you\’re ordering custom clothing for. Hoodies, fleece jackets, soft-shell jackets, and sweatshirts are some of the most popular choices. You could also select knit hats, or shirts with long sleeves, among many other custom clothing products.

Whatever you choose, make sure to select popular colors that most people wear on a regular basis, such as gray, blue, white, and black. You can rely on our team of experts to print your brand logo, an image, a text, or artwork. This superior design process ensures that you create a lasting impact on the people who receive your promotional items.

2) Bags

Bags are always useful for a variety of things, like grocery shopping, traveling, or a day at the beach. That\’s why they\’re likely to be used often and appreciated for many years to come. The selection of bags also varies, ranging from sports bags to backpacks. Be sure to choose a design and style that your target audience will appreciate. We can help you customize the right bag to get the effect you\’re imagining.

3) Drinkware

During winter, most people enjoy drinking warm beverages, like hot chocolate, tea, and spiced cider. This means everyone needs drinkware for hot liquids. You can give away tumblers as promotional items for this season, or opt for mugs. Tumblers and mugs come in different shapes and designs that can easily set your brand apart. Since they are cold-weather giveaways, you need to make sure they\’re properly insulated to retain heat for as long as possible. If your budget allows, you can also give out insulated bottles or thermoses.

4) Health Packs

You don’t have to be in the healthcare industry to give out first aid kits, or healthcare products. Reusable hot and cold packs are always good to keep on hand. Antibacterial products can also be useful, especially during a pandemic. Your main goal should be to add value for your customers, no matter what you decide to give them.

5) Pens

Pens are actually one of the best promotional items. They can be easy to overlook, but most of us use pens every single day. They\’re practical, don\’t take up much space, and people tend to carry them around. We also loan pens to other people. All of these things are good for your brand because it means more eyes on your logo. additionally, pens are one of the most affordable promotional items on the market. What\’s not to love?

6) Stress Relievers

It’s common for people to feel stressed under certain circumstances, especially this last year. A good way to show your support is by giving away stress relievers as promotional items. Stress relievers come in different shapes and sizes. BYOG\’s product page has unique ideas and designs to make yours stand out. Different options are available, and you can choose any type you like, from the silly to the sporty. Add your brand\’s name or logo for a personal touch.

7) Notebooks

Notebooks and journals also make great giveaways. You can pair them with promotional pens if you want to do more. There are spiral, eco-friendly notebooks, textured journals, and pocket sizes, too. Click this link to see more options. BYOG Logo will make sure you get a custom design that reflects your brand. Choose any book design from our selection, and your customers won\’t be disappointed.

8) Kitchen Items

If your business is about kitchen products or food and hospitality, then your promotional items can match your industry. You can give away magnets, aprons, or travel mugs. Our aprons come in different sizes and styles as well, like waist bibs. These kitchen products are great as giveaways because they are suitable for all genders and lifestyles. Everyone\’s got to eat!

9) Caps and Hats

Caps and hats are perfect for protection and style during the rainy season. Their unisex design also makes them perfect for all of your customers. Whether you prefer beanies or baseball caps, your brand logo will get noticed on these stylish giveaways. You could combine them with other performance apparel and create a greater impact.

10) Towels

We all use towels every day, which is why giving them away as promotional items will be appreciated. If you\’re looking for a cold-weather promotional product, don\’t choose a beach towel. Something plush would be perfect. View our options by clicking this link. There are so many styles to choose from!

11) Skincare

The cold can take a toll on the skin, especially our lips. Most people leave the heater on all winter long, which can be very drying. Giving out lip balms and other skincare products, like sunscreen, is great for any business owner, but especially those in the health or outdoor industries. It\’s one of the less common promotional items businesses think of, but it\’s important to take good care of our skin.

Promotional Items

The main goal of giveaways is to tell people about your business and increase brand awareness. BYOG Logo is here to help you customize all of your promotional items to ensure you create the right impression. Our wide range of products has something for every business, no matter what your industry is. Give us a call today to learn more, or click to send an email.

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