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T Shirt Printing Fails: 10 Design Mistakes to Avoid

One of the best ways to make your t-shirts more attractive is by adding some custom designs. We all love having a unique style. Whether you\’re looking to start a business, or you want to make your own wardrobe more exciting, it\’s easier than you think. Custom printing is also perfect for gifts when you just don\’t know what to do for someone. So, if you\’re thinking about designing your own clothes, here\’s a quick guide to help you get started. Keep these key points in mind to avoid common t-shirt printing mistakes that can set you back. Since most mistakes are usually on the design aspect, make sure to pay special attention to the creative options you select.

1) Fabric Choice

T-shirt printing starts with the fabric you choose. You need high-quality materials to ensure your customers are comfortable and get the best value for their money. No one likes itchy fabrics, even if they have the best designs and are the cheapest. Whether the t-shirts are to promote your brand or they\’re for sale in your online shop, make sure people will love the feel of the fabric.

2) Design Sizing

The size of the design in relation to the size of the shirt matters a lot when it comes to custom t-shirt printing. Design sizing will really depend on where it\’s located on the garment. For instance, circular designs tend to look larger than they are. Similarly, smaller garments, like toddler clothing, will need smaller design sizes. Try a few samples with different looks before proceeding with mass printing. Obviously, the back or front of a t-shirt are best for big designs, while a sleeve is more subtle. It all comes down to preference.

3) Color Choices

You may want a brightly colored t-shirt to make it stand out, but keep in mind that too many colors in one design can ruin the entire outfit. Multiple colors can also end up being more costly, especially when you’re ordering many t-shirts at once. You\’ll have to find a balance.

A design expert at BYOG can tell you more about your t-shirt printing options, and what would look best. If you need a second opinion, it helps to talk to a pro. If you need more information before making a final decision, don\’t hesitate to reach out. Click here to email us your questions.

4) Too Much Contrast

The more contrast a design has, the more noticeable it will be, but avoid getting the wrong kind of attention by going overboard with this look. Instead, aim for the perfect balance between dark tones and lighter shades. It might take a little experimenting to get your level of contrast just right. The background color of the fabric will also play an important role in the overall look of the t-shirt. If you plan to offer the design on more than one color shirt, you\’ll need to see how it looks on each option. Black, white, and gray t-shirts often work well with contrasting designs.

5) High-Quality Images and Fonts

Failing to check the resolution of your images can lead to subpar results, so make sure you\’re uploading high-quality images for t-shirt printing. This can be a costly mistake if you plan to order in bulk. Your image shouldn’t just look good on the screen, but the fabric as well. Whether it’s a photograph or an art image, it will need to be a certain size to look good once it\’s printed.

Your typography and font choices should also match the level of professionalism that you intend to showcase. Arrange the words in a way that makes sense, and try not to use too many different fonts on the same design. A good printing company will space your letters correctly, and help you resolve any resolution issues.

6) Poor Placement

Your t-shirt printing career can go wrong if you place your designs poorly. Placement isn’t just about where you put your designs, but how you measure those designs to compliment their location. A common mistake with placement is usually on the belly location. This location limits your measurements, yet most people still use the standard measurements when placing deigns. Try to avoid this location and go for full or half placement on the back or front.

7) Improper Composition

You should put a lot of thought into composing your designs if you don’t want them to be chaotic. The composition is about balancing the images and writings to avoid confusing the reader. You want to draw attention to the right areas and make the message easy to read in the right order. Take your time and don’t rush the composition, especially when you’re working with several elements.

8) Confusing Designs

T-shirt printing requires simple designs to make comprehension easier. When you expose a human eye to too many details at once, the brain will fail to process all of them, and you’ll end up confusing people. Understanding becomes more challenging when the image is a moving one, as in the case of the t-shirt on a human body. Avoid stacking different elements on top of each other, and keep your message simple as well. The right color t-shirt will help tie everything together.

9) The Wrong Printing Company

When you\’re planning on trying your hand at designing your own garments, you need a printing company you can rely on one hundred percent. Not only do you need high-quality printing services, but you may also need expert guidance. You\’re sure to have design questions at some point, so carefully select your team of experts before placing an order. Learn more about BYOG Logo by clicking this link to our FAQ page of frequently asked questions.

10) Edges and Borders

Edges and borders often look nice if your design contains at least one picture. If you want to make your pictures look more professional on the t-shirt, an edge or border can be a nice frame. Remember to choose a border that complements the design and also the color of the shirt. The simplest borders are usually seen in black and white.

Professional T-Shirt Printing

At BYOG Logo, we have all the tools and expertise to bring your designs to life. Explore custom apparel options by clicking here. Simply select a product to get started! Or, if you have questions, give us a call at (925) 829-3950. We\’re here to help.

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