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Merchandise for nonprofits, gift shops, and fundraisers

Bay Area and California nonprofits and charities looking to raise some revenue in their gift shops or outfit staff and volunteers with branded apparel can find it with BYOG Logo. Affordable options are available to keep costs down for thrifty organizations, too.

Order gift shop merchandise for nonprofits

The Internet is littered with any number of merchandise companies that will stock your back closets and basement corners with frisbees, squeeze stress balls, pens, and all sorts of other stuff you commonly associate with branded merchandise. Those things work well enough for giveaways and things that end up in the bottom of a drawer. After all, you’re giving them away. But a gift shop needs things people actually want to buy.

BYOG specializes in high-quality, top-tier clothing. Things like hoodies, beanies, sweaters, polos, and professional wear. This also includes high thread-count t-shirts, jackets, bags, and other accessories. 

Depending on your order estimates, you could order enough inventory for six or twelve months to get a bulk discount, re-sell them for 30-40% extra, and benefit from the savings, sale, and “free” advertising that comes with it.

Giveaways and promotional items for California nonprofits

We’ve worked with a lot of California and Bay Area nonprofits. They’ve been returning customers for years. Here are their most popular recurring orders to give you some ideas for your next nonprofit giveaway:

Tote Bags

These are probably the most popular and sought-after giveaway items for nonprofits. They’re functional at events where people have to carry things around all day, like conventions and workshops. And they hold up and look better than those plastic grocery bags at Aldi and double as a great way to tote books back and forth to the library. Smart!

Backpacks for kids

In line with tote bags, backpacks have obvious use cases for just about everyone. But students and schools find them doubly popular. Depending on your charity’s line of work, you could have a backpack drive where donors and volunteers bring food, books, clothing, toys, or school supplies to pack into the bags. Then you can donate them to schools or like-minded groups such as violence shelters. 

Or, use the bags as a welcoming gift or prize for kids who might benefit from a new backpack. Keep in mind some schools require transparent bags for security reasons.

Customized lip balm

This feels like a silly one, but consider this: one of those most popular fundraisers for nonprofits is a charity race, walk, or run. And you know who needs lip balm? Runners and everyone huffing heavily as they participate. Those runners and walkers need lip balm to help protect them from sunburn in the summer and dry air in the fall and winter. Functional, affordable, and useful and so long as people don’t lose them, they last forever! On second thought, better give them two!

Branded coffee mugs for staff and professionals

If you know your audience, then you know who your donors and supporters are. And a great many of them work at the office and can always use an extra mug for the breakroom. These are also useful to sell in gift shops.

Table cloths

Galas, charity events, workshops, and really anyplace that lets your nonprofit set up a booth means you need tablecloths. And good ones, too: the kind that don’t flop around because they’re too big or stain easily from patrons setting down drinks or food as they walk by to talk to your table. 

BYOG can embroider or screen print your logo, slogan, message, mission, website, or all of the above on a table cloth. Fitted tablecloths are increasingly popular, too, especially if you always bring your own table everywhere. Like a fitted sheet, these handy table cloths tuck under the edges so they don’t blow around in the wind, trip people, drag the ground, or soak up rain or drinks that flow by. 

Ready to get started with new nonprofit merchandise?

Contact BYOG to talk to a specialist about your ideas, hear more useful tips, and get a quote. 

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