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Why choose screen printing

[vc_row padding_top=\”0px\” padding_bottom=\”0px\”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=\”45px\” width=\”1/1\”][text_output]When it comes to ordering high-quality custom garments, you have a few different printing methods to choose from. One of the most popular and versatile ones around is screen printing.

For decades, we have provided high-quality screen printing services right here in California. Our clients include sports teams, schools, businesses, and more. There are many reasons why screen printing is so popular — the garments produced are highly visible, cost-efficient, and they just look clean.

But before ordering custom garments, there are a few factors you should consider — an important one is the shop you are ordering from. 

Here’s everything you need to know about screen printing:

What is screen printing?

Unlike embroidery, where a design is sewn onto a garment with a needle, screen printing involves adding a layer of thick ink onto the fabric using a silk or polyester mesh (the “screen” in screen printing). The custom-made screens act like a stencil over the stretched out fabric, and the ink is brushed onto the garment through the mesh with a squeegee.

If a design has multiple colors, the process will require multiple screens — one for each color. This prevents colors from mixing with each other and maintains a consistent look across several garments.

Once the ink is laid out on the fabric, the garments (and ink) are dried. The end result is a thin, even layer over the fabric. This process can be performed on several types of apparel made from a variety of materials, including polyester.

What are the advantages of screen printing?

In large quantities, screen printing is often more cost-efficient than other methods. Unlike many other processes, screen printing garments in bulk is fast.

Additionally, because the thick ink only lays on top of the garment and is never actually absorbed into the fabric, the design’s colors will pop regardless of the fabric’s color. This layer of ink is quite durable and will withstand several washes without fading.

Due to its versatility as a printing method, we recommend screen printing for a variety of uses — from custom sports uniforms to professional-looking volunteer shirts.

Why should I order from professionals?

While there are some people who offer screen printing services from home, we recommend you order your batch of garments from experts. Whether you manage a sports team, retail store, or volunteer event, you want to make sure your team looks as best as they can. An important part of that presentation is the uniform.

When you order with experienced, well-equipped professional screen printers, you can expect:

Color accuracy

Professional screen printers like BYOG will mix their ink to match your brand’s colors and have years of experience doing so for other brands as well. If the color mixing is not perfect, you may find yourself with a logo that is now pink instead of red.


As mentioned before, designs featuring multiple colors will require a different screen for each color. If these separate screens are not aligned perfectly over the garment, colors will likely overlap where they shouldn’t, resulting in a finished product that looks unprofessional. Professional operations have equipment that ensures each component of your design is placed where it should be.


Part of the reason why screen printing is so cost effective is that with the right equipment, the process itself is fast. If your order is time sensitive, we recommend contracting professionals who can complete your order in a timely manner without sacrificing the product’s quality.

Do you have any questions about screen printing? Contact the team of experts at BYOG — we’re happy to help!


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