8 branded items for your student organization

8 Branded Items for Your Student Organization

Summer is coming to an end, and soon school will be back in session. If you are involved in any school clubs or organizations, you’ve probably considered ordering custom t-shirts. While t-shirts are a great way to showcase your involvement, they are just the beginning!


We’ve put together a short list of custom garments, accessories, and more that will help your club stand out on campus. We are aware that more often than not, student organizations are on a tight budget so we have showcased items that offer a balance of quality and value. Additionally, we tried to include a nice mixture of classic swag and unique items that will turn heads at Welcome Week.


Here’s are eight items we think would be perfect for your student organization:


1. Custom caps

Sport-Tek Contender Snapback Cap




Hand out hats to your group members during your next outdoor excursion. Whether it’s a hike, fun run, or on-campus hangout, these moisture-wicking caps are a great way to keep everyone cool.


2. Custom steel tumblers

14 oz Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler




Millions of plastic bottles are thrown away in the U.S. every day. A great way to reduce that number is through reusable tumblers! These particular tumblers are insulated, making them perfect for hot and cold drinks alike.


3. Patches

Woven Patch




There’s something about patches that just feels personal. It’s an excellent way to wear your interests or beliefs on your sleeve (literally). Use these to add some extra flair to backpacks, jeans, shoes, jackets, hats, and more!

4. Bumper stickers

Rectangle Vinyl Ultra Removable Zip-Strip Bumper Sticker




Take your club promotion on the road with these custom vinyl bumper stickers! These stickers are over 9” long, allowing you to create a unique design that pops. No car? No problem! Stick these onto your windows, coolers, or laptop instead!


5. Notebooks

Spiral Eco Notebook




While most students take notes on laptops, many still enjoy the feel of writing on a notebook — even if it’s just as a personal journal. This notebook features pages and covers made in Canada with 100% recycled materials, helping your club promote sustainability and environmental consciousness.


6. Cooling headbands

Impulse Cooling Headband




If your club hosts outdoor activities, your members will appreciate these cooling headbands. These bands will keep hair out of faces, prevent sweat from dripping into eyes, and help your group stand out during outdoor events.


7. Custom banners

2\’ x 6\’ 13 oz. Vinyl Banner Single-Sided




If your school has any kind of showcase event for campus clubs and organizations, you’ll want one of these! This custom vinyl banner is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can bring it to a variety of school events/settings. At 6ft length, it is large enough to be highly-visible, yet small enough to be practical.


8. T-shirts

Hanes – ComfortSoft 100% Cotton T-Shirt






Finally, we get to the custom t-shirts. No school club would be complete without a uniquely-designed t-shirt that perfectly captures what the organization is about. Because we wanted to allow for maximum creativity, we selected a series of t-shirts that features several unique colors while maintaining a reasonable budget for students.


Are you looking for something different? BYOG offers thousands of products that can be customized with your branding. Contact our team if you would like help picking the right one for you.

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