Gift Ideas for Clients

Five superior gifts that will grab your client’s attention

If you have ever worked in an office environment, chances are you have amassed a small collection of branded items from vendors. These pieces of swag vary greatly in quality and, by extension, impact. Think about it: how many pens with logos do you currently own and how many stand out from the rest?

Fortunately, there are several premium options of branded items that are sure to grab the attention of your company\’s existing clients and prospects. They will cost more than simple plastic ballpoint pens, but if they leave a lasting impression, they may be worth it. Also, while you\’re here, make sure to check out these gift ideas for remote workers and new employees!

Here are five premium gift ideas for clients and prospects:


Fountain Pen


This may seem like an odd choice, but how often do you see a fountain pen around these days? Follow-up question — if someone gave you one, would it have a different impact from a regular plastic ballpoint pen? This is why fountain pens are an excellent choice for a gift basket for your clients. Including one will instantly make your gift pack feel more personal and there is a good chance they will tell some of their colleagues all about it. If you want to be extra thoughtful, make sure to include a small bottle of ink for refills.


Example: Zebra® Fountain Pen


High-Quality Coffee Mug/Tumbler\"Premium

Branded coffee mugs, tumblers, and other types of reusable cups are a staple in offices around the world. Because there are so many to compete against, we wanted to highlight qualities that will work best and make yours stand out from the bunch. Make sure your custom-branded tumbler is:

  • Vacuum insulated — This will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. If you want your gift to have a positive impact, it should work properly.
  • Easy to clean — You don’t want your branding on something that smells… off. You can reduce the chances of this happening by selecting a tumbler that’s machine-washable or easy to clean manually.
  • Durable — One of the main benefits of reusable cups/bottles is that they have a positive impact on the environment. This impact is even greater if you select a drink receptacle that is designed to last.


Example: MiiR® Vacuum Insulated Tumbler – 16 Oz.




You may already know this, but office workers love unique pairs of socks. You can create custom-designed socks featuring your logo in a highly colorful manner and present them as an exclusive gift to your favorite clients. They will appreciate the opportunity to show off around work, and your logo will be a conversation starter — it\’s a win-win!


Example: Men\’s Full Color Crew Promo Socks with Black Bottom


Moleskine Planner


In today\’s day and age, planners and notebooks are old-fashioned. They should look the part! Moleskine\’s line of notebooks offers an old-school cool that is hard to replicate. Customize the covers with your brand\’s logo and create something that your client or prospect will enjoy using throughout the year.


Example: Moleskine® Cahier Ruled Pocket Journal




If you want a container that can fit all of the other pieces of swag you are giving your client/prospect, look no further than a custom-branded backpack. By backpack, we don\’t mean the cloth gym bags with strings for straps — while those are practical, there are certainly options that will leave a longer-lasting impression.


Example: Century Sling Bag

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