Branded Items Your Traveling Employees Will Love

Whether your company has salespeople pitching to potential clients or researchers attending industry conventions, you’ll want them to sport high-quality apparel that does your brand justice. To help you out, we have put together a short list of branded items for traveling employees.

The clothing items we cover will balance elegance and practicality. In many cases, your team may not have time to change between the trip and presentation, and that is something we’ve considered.

In addition to clothing, we’ve also highlighted custom-branded equipment that you can bring on an airplane. This equipment includes visual aids for convention booths, swag for clients, and accessories to make your team’s lives easier.

Travel clothing

Regardless of the weather, power walking across airport terminals and rushing to rental car kiosks is enough to make even the fittest traveler break a sweat. You want your workers comfortable during their travel, so make sure you consider travel clothes.

Travel clothes are designed to retain a professional appearance while also keeping the wearer comfortable. They are usually crafted from synthetic materials and designed to be light, breathable, less prone to wrinkles, and sweat wicking.

Sweat-wicking fabrics pull moisture away from your skin so it can evaporate quickly into the air. While sweat helps us cool down, there’s nothing worse than walking into a meeting or presentation with that uncomfortable sweaty pit feeling — not to mention the unprofessional appearance it gives off.

Example: New Era Ladies Venue Home Plate Polo


Example: OGIO Commuter Woven Shirt



Signs and Displays

If you plan on attending an event involving a simple booth — not a massive elaborate display making use of TVs and lighting rigs, but a real simple booth — there are compact visual aids you can bring. These will help gather attention, create a cohesive image of your brand, and make your team look prepared.

Table Cover

First off, consider bringing a table cover. Table covers are light and compact when folded, making them convenient to travel with. Furthermore, you can get a lot of use out of them! You can break these out for trade shows, recruiting events, company outings, and more!


Now that the table is covered, consider jazzing it up with some informative custom signage. These signs can be large banners, simple folded paper displays, or something else entirely — it really comes down to how much room you have and how much you would like to spend.

Whatever you choose, signage is a great way to communicate valuable information about your brand, products, or services.

Travel Accessories

The travel accessories we included are less about presentation and more about the comfort of your employees. Show your appreciation by outfitting your team with travel kits that include:

Travel Pillows

Travel pillows or neck pillows are a blessing for people who have trouble sleeping while sitting. They’re even better if you can find them in your brand’s colors!

Travel Blankets

Whether your team travels by bus, train, or plane, it can get pretty chilly when you’re not moving around. Ensure your workers’ comfort with custom-branded travel blankets! Travel blankets are typically soft, warm, and — most importantly — lightweight, making them ideal for those traveling light.

Sleep Masks

Sleep masks are an inexpensive gift that goes a long way for some people. Look for one in your brand’s colors, apply your logo, and voila!

Gifts for Clients and Prospects

If your team is traveling to a sales pitch, consider bringing some branded gifts! Everyone likes free stuff, especially if they get genuine use out of it.

Not sure what to bring? Luckily for you, we’ve already written a short list of gifts that are sure to grab your client’s attention!

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