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When you should choose embroidery for custom apparel

When shopping for custom apparel, you will more often than not be offered screen printing services. But when should you choose embroidery instead?

Screen printing is a popular technique for producing lasting designs on garments and it offers several advantages. However, it isn’t the be-all and end-all of custom apparel — there are plenty of scenarios where you are better off with embroidery!

In this quick guide, we’ll go over the differences between screen printing and embroidery, while also highlighting the advantages of the latter.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is embroidery?

While screen printing involves applying a layer of thick ink onto the fabric, embroidered designs will be sewn into the fabric using a thread and needle. This method of decoration produces a design that pops out of the garment with noticeable texture and depth. Additionally, the thread used for embroidery may also be coated to produce a sheen, further highlighting the design on the garment.

What are the advantages of embroidery?

While screen printed designs may look great on sweaters and t-shirts, they may look out of place on polos and button-down shirts — that’s where embroidery comes in.

Garments featuring embroidered designs will typically produce a more professional appearance compared to screen printed ones. Embroidered designs will also last longer, making them ideal for work uniforms and corporate attire.

Uniforms aren’t all, though! Embroidered designs look great on hats, bags, and more. If you think your custom item calls for a more elegant appearance, you may want to go with embroidery.

Also, while screen printing is generally viewed as the better-priced option, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal on embroidery services. It will most likely come down to the amount of garments ordered and the intricacy of your design.

The importance of ordering from the right shop

When set up by professionals, embroidered garments look sharp and are designed to last. While the process is mostly automated, that doesn’t mean every shop is the same. Some services may offer lower prices, but the tradeoff may include mismatched designs, warped logos, and misaligned placement.

When you order from a high quality shop like BYOG, you can expect to take full advantage of everything custom embroidered designs have to offer.


Do you have any questions about custom embroidery? Contact the team of experts at BYOG — we’re happy to help!


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