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5 Environmentally Conscious Items You Can Brand Today

In a world that’s increasingly focused on environmental consciousness, you may be considering some eco-friendlier alternatives to your usual apparel and swag.

We’ve put together a short list of brandable environmentally conscious items that offer advantages to their traditional alternatives while also looking great and unique.

Recycled Polyester Garments


People love polyester and with reason. The fabric is cheap, durable, and easy to care for. There is one downside though — polyester’s fibers are made up of plastic, which in turn is made from oil. This makes polyester clothing generally less eco-friendly than those made from renewable resources such as cotton and linen. But what if you really want to enjoy the advantages of polyester? Look for recycled polyester garments.

Polyester garments are made from PET, a plastic also commonly used for bottles and other containers. This makes it possible for garments to be made from recycled materials with little to no difference from the user’s point of view.

So, for those who plan on purchasing polyester garments, you may as well look for the recycled alternative!


Port Authority Men\’s Recycled Performance Polo

Port Authority Ladies Recycled Performance Polo


Recycled Paper Notebooks


Notebooks are a practical gift that is still enjoyed by many. In an increasingly digital world, some find taking physical notes on paper to be a more effective method to process information. If you want to provide people with notebooks while also being conscious about the environment, go for recycled paper notebooks. They work just as well, and the natural look could fit quite well with your brand!


Recycled Notebook With Recycle Paper Pen


Bamboo Pens


Pens are a classic branded item. From mechanic shops to dental offices, these are everywhere. If asked to picture a branded pen, you would probably imagine a simple retractable plastic ballpoint pen. What if we told you there’s an eco-friendly alternative that will also stand out to recipients?

Bamboo pens don’t only look unique, they also work great! Bamboo is a famously sturdy material that also benefits from being renewable, making it a more sustainable alternative to plastic. Additionally, in a drawer full of free plastic pens, yours will be more likely to grab someone’s attention if it’s made of bamboo!


Kiva Ballpoint Pen


Reusable Bottles / Tumblers


Reusable stainless steel bottles are an excellent alternative to single-use bottles. They keep cold drinks cold, hot drinks hot, and their durable nature allows you to use them for many years.

Another added benefit is that many people find carrying a refillable water bottle around helps them reach a healthy level of water consumption throughout the day — win-win!


Stormy 20 oz. Double Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler

Gaia Bamboo Fiber with Stainless Steel Tumbler – 13.5 Oz.


Bags Made from Sustainable Materials


Polyester bags are a classic in swag packs. They’re inexpensive and get the job done well enough. However, if your brand promotes a green lifestyle, consider ordering something sturdier and more sustainable.

This backpack from Midori, for example, is crafted from certified bamboo fiber fabric. It looks sleek, works well, and can be customized with your brand’s logo.


Midori Bamboo Backpack


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