Branded Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

6 Fun Branded Holiday Gift Ideas for 2021

We are officially entering the holiday season! Whether your organization is having a party or you just want to show your appreciation to your team, this is the perfect opportunity to order custom branded holiday gifts.

The gifts we are showcasing offer the perfect balance between being fun and actually useful. That means your recipients will enjoy using them during the winter!

Here are the six branded holiday gift ideas we have put together for you:

1. Custom Red Beanie with Pom Pom

Branded Holiday Gift Ideas 2021 - Beanie

Make your holiday party extra festive with these custom-branded beanies. The red-and-white pom pom adds a festive touch while also not looking too “Santa Claus-y”.

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2. Custom Vest

Branded Holiday Gift Ideas 2021 - Vest

The problem: the wind outside is cold but the air inside the office is warm. The solution: a custom-branded vest.

Vests offer incredible versatility. Your recipients can wear them over dress shirts at work, over a long sleeve t-shirt while out and about, or under a jacket for added warmth.

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3. Custom Messenger Bag

Branded Holiday Gift Ideas 2021 - Messenger Bag

If you run a company with employees who sometimes work from home and sometimes come into the office, you might want to surprise them with a custom-branded messenger bag!

Messenger bags look professional and compact, yet offer plenty of space for supplies, such as laptops and notebooks. They’re perfect for hybrid workplaces!

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4. Custom Tumbler

Branded Holiday Gift Ideas 2021 - Tumbler

There’s no better time than winter for hot beverages. Whether your team members like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, they’re sure to enjoy using this branded tumbler.

The tumbler’s insulation helps drinks stay at temperature long after they’re poured in, making it perfect for commuters. As a bonus, it’ll work for cold drinks in the summer too!

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5. Custom Ceramic Mug

Branded Holiday Gift Ideas 2021 - Mug

While the tumblers are great for commuters, there’s something special about sipping hot drinks from a ceramic mug. These mugs are perfect to keep around the office or for remote teams to use at home.

What if one of your team members doesn’t like hot beverages? Well, then they just got a shiny new pencil holder!

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6. Custom Fuzzy Socks

Branded Holiday Gift Ideas 2021 - Fuzzy Socks

The last item on this list is something we’ve included in other lists before, but that’s just because they are so cool! These fuzzy socks are bright and warm, making them the ideal footwear for cozy winter evenings.

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