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6 Useful Branded Promotional Items to Give as Holiday Gifts

It’s getting close to the holidays again, and many of us struggle to find the perfect gift for people in our lives – especially clients. A great way to make an impact with your client and still share the spirit of the season with them is through promotional products. But many promotional products end up being useless to clients, so finding a gift that not only shows off your brand but also serves a purpose is the best kind of gift to give. Here’s a few suggestions of promotional items to give as holiday gifts.

Reusable Water Bottles

There’s been a major uptick in the use of reusable water bottles which makes them an excellent gift for clients. Since they are an item that gets everyday use, your brand will be sure to get plenty of exposure while keeping your client hydrated. In addition, you can choose from BPA-free plastic, glass, metal or other materials depending on your price range.

stainless steel sports water bottle Promotional Items to Give as Holiday Gifts

Flash Drives

Most of us could benefit from having an extra flash drive around and your client is no exception. Printing your brand on a flash drive makes for a fairly affordable and practical gift that allows your client access to their digital data on the go.

usb flash drives Promotional Items to Give as Holiday Gifts

Mugs & Travel Tumblers

In the busy working world, coffee or other caffeinated beverages is a must. Most clients can get use from mugs and travel tumblers whether it’s in the office or at home. In addition, mugs and tumblers are classic gift that never go out of style. Another great benefit of opting to gift mugs and travel tumblers is the fact that there is a wide price range available. If you have limited budget for holiday gifts, you can choose to gift plastic tumbler with a lid and a straw. For those with a slightly greater budget available, you can opt for an insulated travel mug. Regardless of what you choose, your brand is sure to get plenty of exposure with all the regular use that a mug or travel tumbler will get.

two tonw matted bistro coffee mug Promotional Items to Give as Holiday Gifts

Reusable Bags & Lunch Bags

For clients who are environmentally-conscious, reusable totes, bottle bags, and lunch bags can make a great gift. Totes and lunch bags are sturdy and can be used time after time in everyday scenarios. Bottle bags are great when toting beverages to parties. In addition, your brand is sure to get a lot of attention while out and about.

lunch bag Promotional Items to Give as Holiday Gifts

Power Banks

Smartphones are wonderful but often, their batteries are not. We’ve all been in a pinch where our phone has died on us and we don’t have access to a charger. That’s why power banks make a great gift for clients. By slapping your corporate logo on it, your client will fondly think of you as they charge their phone to get through the day.

power bank Promotional Items to Give as Holiday Gifts

Travel Gear

If you have a little more to spend on client gifts, travel gear makes for an excellent and practical gift. People are conscious of their work-life balance so many value the opportunities to travel. Branded items such as duffel bags and luggage show that your company supports a healthy lifestyle for your customers.

luggage Promotional Items to Give as Holiday Gifts

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