8 Branded Items for Your Student Organization

Summer is coming to an end, and soon school will be back in session. If you are involved in any school clubs or organizations, you’ve probably considered ordering custom t-shirts. While t-shirts are a great way to showcase your involvement, they are just the beginning!   We’ve put together a short list of custom garments, accessories, and more that will… Read More.

Vote Pins

Political campaign t-shirts designed, printed, and shipped in California 

We all know what happens when your candidate wears a pin or a hat not Made in America. But California political campaigns and politicians can do better with voters when they sport pins, shirts, and political merchandise designed and printed right here in California.    Candidates and campaigns have options with BYOG Logo. For starters, you can find American-made merchandise… Read More.

promotional products

Merchandise for nonprofits, gift shops, and fundraisers

Bay Area and California nonprofits and charities looking to raise some revenue in their gift shops or outfit staff and volunteers with branded apparel can find it with BYOG Logo. Affordable options are available to keep costs down for thrifty organizations, too. Order gift shop merchandise for nonprofits The Internet is littered with any number of merchandise companies that will… Read More.

2 common problems and solutions to employee uniforms and branded shirts

Yes, company uniforms help customers establish a sense of who a person is, how and where to get help, and yes they do help with branding (just look at UPS).  And, yes, there are downsides. For one, the US Department of Labor has rules about employee uniforms in some circumstances (PDF link): Where employee uniforms require ironing, dry cleaning, daily… Read More.

Ask BYOG: What is the difference between screen printing and embroidery? Are there benefits to one versus the other?

The quick answer: Screen printing involves ink pressed into the fabric of shirts, bags, or other garments. Embroidery involves stitches and colored threads sewn into an item, usually logos sewn into shirts, hats, or bags. There are a lot of options and providers in northern California and southern California. And there are a lot of considerations such as cost, custom… Read More.