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We are currently hard at work refreshing our site to bring you the best selection of quality products available. If you don’t see the item you desire, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. Also, this design studio is mainly for screen printing garments, and while you can use this design studio for embroidery art ideas, the best way to order embroidery is by filling out the form on our embroidery page. Thanks!

Design On MobileDesign Studio FAQ

A minimum quantity of 24 is required for all orders. If you need to order less than the minimum, please contact us.

How do I load my previous designs?

On the left side of the design studio, click “Add Art”, and then select “My Saved Art” and login.

How do I purchase multiple garments?

As long as you use the same email, your designs will automatically be saved. So feel free to navigate away from the design studio back to the product pages, when you return to the design studio and enter your email, your designs will be waiting.

How do I put a design on the back? Or the sleeve?

Back: On the left side of the design studio, there is a “Change Product Side” button.

Sleeve: Not all products in the design studio are setup for sleeve prints, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still put one on. Add the sleeve design on any part of the product, save your design, then contact us.

Is there a minimum QTY?

Yes, our minimum quantity is 12 for all orders. If you need to order less than the minimum, please contact us.

Can I add names and number personalization?

Yes, you may. However, the design studio does not offer this, so please contact us.

Does my design have to be perfect?

Nope! The design studio is great, but sometimes you might want something specific that isn’t available online. Every design gets sent to our amazing art department that will help make any adjustments or advice to get the best results possible, then we send you a proof for your approval. Feel free to design as best you can using the design studio and leave any needed notes. We’ll be in touch!

Do you have any more products?

We certainly do. If you have a specific product or brand in mind, let us know. We narrowed down our product listing to not overwhelm our customers with options.

Will you send a proof?

Absolutely! Our professional art department will review your designs and make sure they are as best as can be, and send you a proof for approval before printing anything. So even if your design isn’t 100% finished, send it our way and we’ll help finalize everything to perfection.

Is this for embroidered products?

While the design studio is mainly for screen printed products, you can still use it for art inspiration. The best way to order embroidery is filling out the form on our embroidery page.

To load saved art or items, click “Add Art” then “My Saved Art” and login.

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Add a Sleeve Print Design

The sleeve print feature is not available online for all products, but you can still add it to your order! Just follow the steps below and then give us a call.

Step 1: Add your sleeve print design

Place your design in any open space of the design area.

Step 2: Save your design

Click the Save & Share button in the design studio and save your design.

Step 3: Call us!

Give us a call at (855)776-8465

Call us to place your order or to get an accurate estimate. Mention your email address so we can review your design and help you place your order!

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