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13 Business Promotional Items for the Holidays

Handing out business promotional items during the holiday season is a great way to increase brand awareness for your company, as well as to increase sales. If you’re interested in ordering custom promotional items that feature the logo or name of your business, simply continue reading to discover the best promotional products to choose from. 1) Wine Glasses It’s a… Read More.

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What Are The Best Promotional Items To Send To Clients?

If you’re expanding your client base and building your brand, you know that promotional products are the golden ticket. Branded items with your logo or slogan on them can improve your brand reach. In addition, promotional items can turn prospective clients into repeat clients. So, is there a specific promotional product that’s especially effective in reaching clients and building brand… Read More.

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How to Improve Your Brand While Working From Home

Many of us enjoy working from home. Working remotely allows you to tailor your work schedule to best fit your needs. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur with your own brand, you know that working from home allows for extra flexibility and freedom. You may enjoy being your own boss and setting your own hours. Building a business… Read More.

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Thoughtful, Practical and Inclusive: Branded Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Gift-giving season is rapidly approaching, and while you might have a good idea what to buy for your friends and family, gifts for your employees is certainly more of a challenge. Whether it’s rewarding a great year, spreading some merriment for the holidays or simply raising morale, gifts can be great for the workplace. But to be successful, they have… Read More.

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How to Design Awesome Company Shirts

There’s nothing as noticeable as a well-made shirt. Company t-shirts that look great reflect how awesome the business is. You can even ask Walt Disney. The first advertising shirts for business was one made for Disney in the 1950s. During this time, Tropix Togs, a shirt company, got the exclusive rights from the Walt Disney Company to print Mickey Mouse… Read More.

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The 7 Most Unique Business Branding Ideas

The 7 Most Unique Business Branding Ideas. It might seem like branding has been around forever. But in truth, what we know as “branding” today is a relatively new invention, driven by the new marketing methods of the 1960s. Before those days, people bought products based on the quality alone. But after the advent of modern marketing, advertising and branding… Read More.

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Smart Giveaway Ideas That Will Help Create a Buzz

Fun giveaway ideas help set your brand apart from the sea of online businesses. The average person spends 2.5 minutes on contest and prize apps. Holding a contest can give you valuable feedback from customers, acquire new customers, and build brand awareness. You can run a giveaway or customer contest to gain valuable consumer data and test new demographics. Contests… Read More.

6 Must Have Promotional Products for an Eco-Friendly Office

Many companies, large and small, are taking it upon themselves to lead by example and adopt business practices that are conducive to making the world a better place. If you’re in the market for customized promotional products for one of these eco-friendly offices, use this opportunity to make an impression by putting your green foot forward and demonstrating your support… Read More.

5 Things to Know When Building Brand Equity

​ What is brand equity? It’s a term we hear often, but what does it mean exactly? Forbes says it refers to the public valuation of your brand.  The vague description is suiting for a loosely tangible concept, but when building out our own brands, we need to be more precise in discovering what is our brand equity, as well… Read More.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Customized Company T-Shirt

Many of today’s companies, especially start-up and technology focused industries, are moving towards a more casual dress code in the workplace. In these setting, suits and ties are a thing of the past. Many companies also host charity functions, staff retreats or visit conferences and other events where company representation is essential. In each of these cases, customized company t-shirts… Read More.