school fundraiser ideas and tips

School Fundraiser Ideas and Tips

In recent years, schools across the United States have faced significant budget cuts, which has resulted in reduced per-pupil funding for learners. The result, more and more schools have opted for their own school fundraiser events and activities to help ensure that learners get what they need in order to succeed both in learning and extra-curricular activities. Fundraisers help learning… Read More.

marathon promotional products

Custom Marathon Products and Accessories

When it comes to charitable efforts and events, marathons are amongst the most iconic choices out there. A marathon allows runners to show off their stamina, capability and commitment to their charity or sponsor of choice with custom marathon products. There’s nothing quite like an intense day of exercise to encourage people to donate and more and more individuals to… Read More.

Spirit Wear Fundraiser

What You Need to Know About Planning a Spirit Wear Fundraiser – Part 1

Planning an elementary school fundraiser can be an overwhelming challenge, especially if you are a school administrator, teacher or parent volunteer with limited time to put something together. Keep these simple principles in mind when planning a spirit wear fundraiser. Come Up with a Plan Gather all of the people involved with this effort and sit them down in one… Read More.

Spirit Wear Elementary School

4 Reasons to Use Spirit Wear Fundraising for Your Elementary School

Spirit wear fundraising is a great way to build enthusiasm and pride in your elementary school’s events, achievements, students and staff. But what is spirit wear? Spirit wear is customized clothing–usually t-shirts–that incorporate the school name, logo and possibly the school mascot in it to help build a sense of unity, pride, and teamwork at the school. Spirit wear designs… Read More.

4 Ideas to Help You Plan Your Spirit Wear Fundraiser

School spirit week is an age-old tradition that encourages students to take a break from the grind, have fun at school, embrace their academia, and get excited about school spirit. For those involved in raising funds, it is also a great opportunity for a… well – fundraiser! If you’re one of those with the entrepreneurial edge, then look at our… Read More.

Top 10 High School Fundraising Ideas

High School Fundraising is vital to provide essential funds that go towards sports teams, clubs, events, class trips, building repairs and expansions. The problem is, how do you find a fundraiser that appeals to the community and that people want to get involved in. Some of the best high school fundraisers are old fashioned tried and true options, while more… Read More.

5 Highly Effective Fundraisers for High School Athletic Boosters

As budgets get smaller and aspirations get bigger, high school sports need more funding. Athletes work hard to represent their school, and you can support their success through boosters to raise funds. Consider these 5 very effective high school athletic boosters: Spirit Wear Sale Everyone likes to show off their school spirit. Making a spirit wear sale a great way… Read More.

Best Custom Basketball Fan Gear to Sell for High School Athletic Fundraising

Today, the need to raise money for school athletics is widespread. The money is often used to buy training gear like cones, balls, flags, bibs, and more. Basketball is no different.  How would you like to raise money for your school’s basketball team? Or, maybe you know someone that is in charge of fundraising? If your answer is yes, we… Read More.

5 Most Successful PTA Fundraisers of 2016/2017

While bake sales and lemonade stands are the hallmarks of Parent Teacher Association or PTA fundraisers, perhaps your school needs to increase engagement with more innovative fundraising ideas. Research has shown that parents’ fundraising for schools can really give schools an edge. If you want to support your child’s learning environment, helping raise funds through the PTA is the ideal… Read More.