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custom college apparel ideas

Custom College Apparel Ideas

College is an exciting time. For students, it’s a time of change and excitement; and a time where there’s plenty of opportunities to get into the school spirit. Whether you’re welcoming a new influx of first-years, instilling some mid-year spirit in your existing student population or undergoing a much-needed rebrand, custom college apparel is a

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Spirit Wear Elementary School

4 Reasons to Use Spirit Wear Fundraising for Your Elementary School

Spirit wear fundraising is a great way to build enthusiasm and pride in your elementary school’s events, achievements, students and staff. But what is spirit wear? Spirit wear is customized clothing–usually t-shirts–that incorporate the school name, logo and possibly the school mascot in it to help build a sense of unity, pride, and teamwork at

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Top 5 Spirit Week Ideas

Spirit week is the best opportunity to show your pride for your school and promote school spirit. With fun activities related to school sports teams, school spirit contests, exciting dress ups, and school wide games, spirit week is an event many students look forward to all year. But it can be a challenge to come

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7 Fraternity Recruitment Ideas

When it comes to rush time you want to recruit tdhe best new members to join. Making sure your Fraternity stands out is the key to ensuring the best guys on campus want to pledge. Here are a few Fraternity Recruitment Ideas to help: Stand Out with An Awesome Customized Fraternity Rush Shirts Fraternity rush

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