Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day with BYOG!

How are you celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day this year? If you’re fresh out of ideas, school spirit wear is a great way to show teachers that we care about them. Be sure to take advantage of this special offer at BYOG Logo so you can participate in the fun on May 4th.

While most of the world’s activities have come to a sudden halt due to the pandemic, teachers never stopped being there for their students. They’ve had to adapt to this global crisis by changing their lesson plans and moving classes online. In many cases, this has meant working twice as hard to support our young learners through an unusual school year.

This Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s acknowledge everything they do by flaunting some school spirit wear. If there are special teachers in your life, surprise them with custom clothes to show them how much you care. Due to the continued need for social distancing, many people are planning to drive by with students dressed in their school spirit wear. Here’s what you need to know!

What is Teacher Appreciation Week?

Most people have heard of Teacher Appreciation Day, but it actually lasts for a whole week. This holiday involves a week-long acknowledgement of all the contributions teachers make to help build an educated society. It presents students, parents, families, and administrators with an opportunity to express their gratitude. This year, we need to be a little more creative to honor our teachers, but we’re up to the task. School spirit wear is a fun way for students to participate.

Most people would agree that being a teacher is one of the most noble professions. Teachers are responsible for nurturing and shaping minds, and they make a huge difference. After all, what would the world be like without teachers?

Being a teacher is a tireless job, and yet they encourage their students to work hard in order to succeed in life. We learn important skills in school, like time management, organization, and how to work with others. Most importantly, teachers inspire curiosity and a love for learning. In fact, if you’re able to read this today, it’s because of the efforts of a teacher, so be sure to thank them this year for all they’ve done.

Why Celebrate With School Spirit Wear?

There are quite a few reasons to design custom school spirit wear aside from honoring our teachers. A few other reasons include:

  • Spirit wear can reduce bullying because it helps create a sense of community
  • It represents a school and is perfect for sports, clubs, and special extracurricular activities, like band or theater
  • School spirit wear improves field trip safety because students are easier to identify
  • It’s great for fundraisers
  • And, of course, it boosts school spirit


When is Teacher Appreciation Day?

This year, Teacher Appreciation day is on May 4th. These dates can vary from year to year, but it’s usually in the first week of May. On the other hand, Teacher Appreciation Week begins on May 3rd and lasts until May 7th.

With the global pandemic to deal with, our teachers certainly deserve a huge round of applause and appreciation. In fact, many parents may find themselves grateful for the ability to send their kids off to school more than ever after such a long year at home. Parents have had a huge gap to fill to make virtual learning possible.

How to Celebrate with School Spirit Wear

While Teacher Appreciation Day can be celebrated in a number of different ways, school spirit wear is a fun, affordable option for everyone. Whether students are attending lessons online, or have already resumed in-person classes, they can stay connected by designing some school spirit wear.

You can even form a group to design t-shirts with a logo or a special thank you note for the teachers at your school. Of course, it’s also a good time of year to choose warmer custom clothing options, like cozy sweaters and knit hats. We have a way to go before summer returns, and who doesn’t love a soft hoodie?

At BYOG Logo, you can create some amazing looks, and it doesn’t take long, either. Simply select a product you love and start designing. You can choose the color of your custom t-shirt as well as the size. Next, you’re able to upload an image, choose text, or even artwork. View the final product before ever placing your order. It’s that simple.

The custom t-shirts that you design are sure to impress your teachers and fill them with a sense of pride. You can even plan to gift some special custom t-shirts to your teachers as a token of gratitude. They can be worn on school spirit days, all throughout the year.

The main thing is to let our teachers know that we’re aware of all the hard work they do to keep students safe and excited about learning. It sure hasn’t been an easy school year for anyone, but it’s one way to give back on Teacher Appreciation Day. In particular, younger children love to have custom clothing to wear for their school events.

Order School Spirit Wear Online

At BYOG Logo, you can order school spirit wear online. Our site takes you through a simple design process—step by step. We have many custom clothing options to choose from, so there’s always a style for everyone. If you have any questions or issues, you can always reach out to our team of professional design experts. We’re happy to help, or further explain the process. To send us an email, just click this link.