Custom Summer Uniforms

Stylish custom summer uniforms designed to keep you cool

Warmer days are right around the corner. You should start looking at ways to keep your team cool!

It may seem like overplanning, but your workers’ comfort could have a direct impact on your business. If you and your team work outdoors in the heat, you may want to consider custom summer uniforms.

Choosing the right uniform isn’t too complicated! Whether you’re in charge of a team of servers or contractors, there are a few simple universal tips that will make a world of difference!

Consider some of the items on this list — your team will be grateful!


Custom Summer Uniforms for Outdoor Manual Labor

When it comes to doing manual labor in the summer, your clothes can make or break your productivity. While being bombarded by the sun’s radiation, the importance of custom summer uniforms increases greatly.

So what are some aspects that help? Well, it’s somewhat counterintuitive, but shorts and short-sleeve t-shirts are not the answer. Clothing that covers as much skin as possible, like long-sleeve t-shirts and pants will provide shade, shielding your skin from the sun and keeping you cool and comfortable.

“Well, what about sweat?” you may ask. In some regions, especially during summer, long-sleeve cotton tees can end up drenched after only a few minutes of work. While sweat is your body’s natural way to cool you down, it’s also incredibly uncomfortable, especially when moving around.

That’s where synthetic materials come in. Many synthetic fabrics are woven to wick moisture away from your skin to the surface of the garment, allowing for rapid evaporation and maximum comfort. This also makes them far more breathable than a drenched cotton fabric.

Here are 4 clothing items that will keep you and your team comfortable while working outside:


Sport-Tek Long Sleeve PosiCharge Competitor Tee

Custom Summer Uniforms - Long Sleeve Tees

These long sleeve t-shirts will keep the sun off your skin, helping you and your team stay cool and dry through long summer days.

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Sport-Tek Tubular Knit GaiterCustom Summer Uniforms - Neck Gaiter

These gaiters are a simple yet effective tool to protect yourself from the elements. This holds equally true for cold winter winds and hot summer days.

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Custom Embroidered Cap

Custom Summer Uniforms - Embroidered Cap 1 Keep the sun out of your face while representing your brand with these stylish embroidered caps. The embroidered design is the perfect way to showcase your logo, slogan, and more!

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Extreme Outdoor Cap

Custom Summer Uniforms - Extreme Outdoor Cap

With a traditional cap, your face is mostly protected from harmful UV rays. But what about the rest of your head? The additional shade provided by this unique cap will help keep you and your team cool in even the hottest weather conditions.

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Custom Summer Uniforms for Outdoor Service Work

Whether you’re managing a team of servers or salespeople, appearance is equally important as comfort. But how do you maintain a professional appearance in 100°F weather? Well, the key is finding the right uniform.

Service employees will benefit significantly from custom summer uniforms that take advantage of sweat-wicking synthetic fabrics. These will minimize sweat spots, won’t appear wrinkled, and will also be breathable enough to keep your team cool on hot summer days.

Here are two shirts and one accessory that are perfect for service workers this summer:

Sport-Tek PosiCharge Active Textured Polo

Custom Summer Uniforms - Polos

This polo from Sport-Tek is comfortable and breathable, keeping your team looking sharp in even the most humid summer days.

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OGIO Men’s Commuter Woven Shirt

Custom Summer Uniforms - Shirt

Travel shirts are sweat-wicking, wrinkle resistant, and comfortable. This makes them ideal for business travelers, but also an asset for service workers and salespeople in hot weather.

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Custom Embroidered Cap

Custom Summer Uniforms - Embroidered Cap 2

Caps featuring embroidered logos look professional, last a long time, and are a great way to showcase your brand during sunny days.

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Elevate your team’s appearance with custom uniforms that last. Contact the experts are BYOG to get started today!