company shirts

How to Design Awesome Company Shirts

There’s nothing as noticeable as a well-made shirt. Company t-shirts that look great reflect how awesome the business is. You can even ask Walt Disney. The first advertising shirts for business was one made for Disney in the 1950s. During this time, Tropix Togs, a shirt company, got the exclusive rights from the Walt Disney Company to print Mickey Mouse… Read More.

branding ideas

The 7 Most Unique Business Branding Ideas

It might seem like branding has been around forever. But in truth, what we know as “branding” today is a relatively new invention, driven by the new marketing methods of the 1960s. Before those days, people bought products based on the quality alone. But after the advent of modern marketing, advertising and branding became as important to consumer decisions as… Read More.

giveaway ideas

Smart Giveaway Ideas That Will Help Create a Buzz

Fun giveaways help set your brand apart from the sea of online businesses. The average person spends 2.5 minutes on contest and prize apps. Holding a contest can give you valuable feedback from customers, acquire new customers, and build brand awareness.  You can run a giveaway or customer contest to gain valuable consumer data and test new demographics. Contests can… Read More.

marketing booth

6 Tips for Creating a Successful Trade Show Marketing Booth

Trade shows in the United States generate nearly $14 billion in revenue each year. For most business owners and entrepreneurs, attending these events is something they do to grow their market. The key to having success at a trade show is putting together an appealing booth. With all of the competition at a trade show, having an eye-catching marketing booth is… Read More.

Branded-promotional items San Francisco, CA exchanged at holiday party

6 Useful Branded Promotional Items to Give as Holiday Gifts in 2018

It’s getting close to the holidays again, and many of us struggle to find the perfect gift for people in our lives – especially clients. A great way to make an impact with your client and still share the spirit of the season with them is through promotional products. But many promotional products end up being useless to clients, so… Read More.

Design Your Spirit Wear

6 Benefits of Using a Graphic Designer to Design Your Spirit Wear

When considering spirit wear design, it can be tempting to try to design it on your own. However, that excitement can quickly be replaced with concerns over the logistics, cost, and quality of the design. That’s when hiring a graphic designer to create your spirit wear can be helpful. Below are some benefits a graphic designer can offer you when… Read More.

Embroidery Design Studio Checklist

Ensuring High Quality Logo Embroidery – An Embroidery Design Studio Checklist

When using embroidery to represent your organization, you want your logo to be striking and memorable for all the right reasons. Your logo represents your brand – and that’s not something to take lightly. That said, not all embroidery is of equal quality. Your choice of embroidery company will make an impact on the turnout of your apparel. In order… Read More.

Embroidery Versus Screen Printing for Work Apparel

Embroidery Versus Screen Printing for Work Apparel

There are several techniques used to decorate corporate apparel–especially corporate logo apparel–but the most common methods are embroidery and screen printing. However, each has unique benefits meaning that they work better for certain types of work attire. What is Embroidery? Embroidery is decorating fabric with a needle and thread. It gives a garment more dimension and allows your logo to… Read More.