4 Tips for High School Spirit Wear Designs

4 Tips for High School Spirit Wear Designs

High school spirit wear is a great way to create excitement for an event. In addition, spirit gear can be an excellent way to fundraise for your school. Here are some tips to consider when creating your spirit wear designs. 1 – Use School Colors and Mascot for Design To start, consider some of the basics for your design. For… Read More.

Planning a T Shirt Design

3 Things You Should Always Do When Planning a T Shirt Design

Last week we covered 3 Things You Should Never Do in a T Shirt Design. This week we’ll explore 3 things you always should do when planning a t shirt design. 1 – Who is Your Market When creating a t shirt design, ask yourself who this product is for. Are they male or female, younger or older? These factors… Read More.

Never Do in a T Shirt Design

3 Things You Should Never Do in a T Shirt Design

Are you trying to create your own t shirt design but feeling overwhelmed with all the options? T-shirt design can be a fun way to express your ideas or brand, but can prove to be a bit tricky at times. Fortunately, we aren’t new to this game and have some helpful tips to get you rolling on your design. 1… Read More.

Differences in ANSI Class Apparel

What Are The Differences in ANSI Class Apparel?

There are a variety of different jobs that require safety apparel and gear. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has certified several types of safety vests for those jobs. The gear is broken down into three classes. Each safety rating is designed to help the worker choose the appropriate attire for the job based on their environment. Factors such as… Read More.

Promotional Products for Junior High and High Schools

5 Printed Promotional Products to Consider for Junior High and High Schools

Back to school is right around the corner, and let’s face it, building enthusiasm about a new school year for cynical, too-cool-for-school teenagers is a challenge, but here are a few printed promotional products to consider to welcome them back for the new school year. Weekly Planner What better way to start the school year and get the students focused… Read More.

Spirit Wear Fundraiser

What You Need to Know About Planning a Spirit Wear Fundraiser – Part 2

Last week, in part 1 of What You Need to Know About Planning a Spirit Wear Fundraiser, we covered these 4 principles: Come Up with a Plan Determine Budget and Pricing Generate Design Ideas Select a Vendor Here are 4 more suggestions to consider for planning a successful spirit wear fundraiser: Round Up Volunteers Tap into your PTO and booster… Read More.

Spirit Wear Fundraiser

What You Need to Know About Planning a Spirit Wear Fundraiser – Part 1

Planning an elementary school fundraiser can be an overwhelming challenge, especially if you are a school administrator, teacher or parent volunteer with limited time to put something together. Keep these simple principles in mind when planning a spirit wear fundraiser. Come Up with a Plan Gather all of the people involved with this effort and sit them down in one… Read More.

Spirit Wear Elementary School

4 Reasons to Use Spirit Wear Fundraising for Your Elementary School

Spirit wear is a great way to build enthusiasm and pride in your elementary school’s events, achievements, students and staff. But what is spirit wear? Spirit wear is customized clothing–usually t-shirts–that incorporate the school name, logo and possibly the school mascot in it to help build a sense of unity, pride, and teamwork at the school. Spirit wear designs are… Read More.

Differences Between RGB and CMYK

What is the Differences Between RGB and CMYK?

The problem with color when designing branded promotional items or custom t-shirts is that you typically need to use two dramatically different color models for different phases of a project. When creating a design, most designers use the RGB color mode since 99% of all design work is done on a computer, but when printing that same design–whether it is… Read More.

Image Guidelines

Image Guidelines for Promotional Product Printing

Images are an important element for creating printed promotional products and custom t-shirts. As a result, you need to be aware of these guidelines when selecting images for your project. Scanning File Format The best file formats to use for promotional product printing are TIF (Tagged Image File) or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). These formats maintain the same image quality and… Read More.