Differences Between RGB and CMYK

What is the Differences Between RGB and CMYK?

The problem with color when designing branded promotional items or custom t-shirts is that you typically need to use two dramatically different color models for different phases of a project. When creating a design, most designers use the RGB color mode since 99% of all design work is done on a computer, but when printing that same design–whether it is… Read More.

Image Guidelines

Image Guidelines for Promotional Product Printing

Images are an important element for creating printed promotional products and custom t-shirts. As a result, you need to be aware of these guidelines when selecting images for your project. Scanning File Format The best file formats to use for promotional product printing are TIF (Tagged Image File) or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). These formats maintain the same image quality and… Read More.

4 Reasons Tech Companies Need Promotional Headwear

“Office casual” isn’t what it used to be. With college graduates ruling the world from their beanbag chair thrones in Silicon Valley, the old suit and tie has become outdated in many office settings. If you are an employee at one of today’s leading firms, then you are probably working in an upscale office overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge –… Read More.

4 Ideas to Help You Plan Your Spirit Wear Fundraiser

School spirit week is an age-old tradition that encourages students to take a break from the grind, have fun at school, embrace their academia, and get excited about school spirit. For those involved in raising funds, it is also a great opportunity for a… well – fundraiser! If you’re one of those with the entrepreneurial edge, then look at our… Read More.

6 Must Have Promotional Products for an Eco-Friendly Office

Many companies, large and small, are taking it upon themselves to lead by example and adopt business practices that are conducive to making the world a better place. If you’re in the market for customized promotional products for one of these eco-friendly offices, use this opportunity to make an impression by putting your green foot forward and demonstrating your support… Read More.

College Promotional Gear Every Fan Should Have!

It’s springtime, which means that it’s the last quarter or semester of the year. Sports season is picking back up, and students are coming out to enjoy the sun, and support their home team. Take advantage of this by producing some of the top college fan favorite customizable promotional products. Here are some of the best ones to give students… Read More.

3 Best Lightweight Spring Jackets to Customize!

Spring is here! And while that doesn’t quite mean you can toss away all your cozy clothes, it does mean that you can pair down on the heavyweights. Pack up that winter coat and break out the windbreakers. If you’re looking to customize something, whether it’s for your springtime running group or your employees, it’s never too early to start… Read More.

Get Prepared for Spring with High Visibility Rain Gear!

For some of us, April showers are just a sign that we will soon be receiving May flowers. But for those of us in occupations that put us outdoors, spring time means messy, sometimes dangerous job sites. If you are outside during the rainy season this year, make sure you are up-to-date on the newest trends and technologies of the… Read More.

BYOG – Why Reflective Construction Clothing Regulations Matter

We’ve all seen them. Those bright orange and yellow vests being sported by the ladies and gents working on the side of the road. And none of us has ever said, “wow, how stylish! I need to get online right now and order one of those!”  So why are is the guy holding up the stop sign doing it?  Because… Read More.

6 Most Popular Apparel and Promotional Products to Custom Embroider

Custom embroidery provides one of the highest quality finishes to uniquely personalized apparel. Above all, the most common uses for custom embroidery is promotional. Companies offer corporate gifts that customers and clients love so that they will use them every day. And each time they see it, they are reminded of your brand.  If you’re thinking of adding a new… Read More.