difference in athletic performance fabrics

Which Athletic Performance Fabrics Should I Wear?

As sportswear and athletic performance gear has become more and more popular, with more people than ever before investing in purpose-built products for running, walking or going to the gym, it’s no wonder that over time athletic performance fabrics in all shapes and sizes have become available on the market; each with their own unique benefits and properties. So, what… Read More.

Which Brand Has the Most Influence in College Sports Nike, Adidas, Or Under Armour?

Which Brand Has the Most Influence in College Sports? In the 1980s, Nike and Michael Jordan teamed up to change the game of brand association with sports. Ever since then, Nike has been the most popular brand in basketball, from the NBA to college sports and in recruiting. For a long time, Adidas was a clear-cut second, known for their… Read More.