Ask BYOG: What is the difference between screen printing and embroidery? Are there benefits to one versus the other?

The quick answer: Screen printing involves ink pressed into the fabric of shirts, bags, or other garments. Embroidery involves stitches and colored threads sewn into an item, usually logos sewn into shirts, hats, or bags. There are a lot of options and providers in northern California and southern California. And there are a lot of considerations such as cost, custom… Read More.

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Screen Prints for Shirts: Top Techniques

Screen printing is one of the most popular printing methods, and its popularity is only increasing. More people are turning to this printing style to take advantage of technology and make custom shirts that stand out. One of the advantages of screen prints for shirts is that this technology is able to produce multiple designs with uniform quality. You can… Read More.

Screen Printing Process

Your Step-By-Step Guide to the Screen Printing Process

If you’re interested in creating custom designs on fabrics, screen printing is the easiest and most professional way to go. Through screen printing, you can put any design on the garment of your choice. While it’s possible to screen print on fabrics at home, this requires a lot of time, equipment, and materials. The easiest way to achieve beautiful results… Read More.

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Custom Printing Methods: Screen Printing vs DTG vs Heat Transfer

For businesses looking to invest in effective branding, whether it’s for the purposes of team activities, staff workwear or even promotional materials, choosing custom printing methods to make your own shirt can be the ideal option. Before purchasing a ready-made design, or selecting the type of custom t-shirts you’d like, the first step in the process is deciding on the… Read More.

Embroidery Versus Screen Printing for Work Apparel

Embroidery Versus Screen Printing for Custom Work Apparel

There are several techniques used to decorate custom work apparel, especially corporate logo apparel–but the most common methods are embroidery and screen printing. However, each has unique benefits meaning that they work better for certain types of work attire. What is Embroidery? Embroidery is decorating fabric with a needle and thread. It gives a garment more dimension and allows your… Read More.

5 Types of Imprinting for Promotional Products

When you are looking to promote your business, you might consider promotional products. These are those great freebies you can give away to clients and customers that help them remember your company (and when they use the items, you get a bit of free advertising too). You can choose from all types of imprinting items for promotional products, such as… Read More.