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Mike Daw

I called BYOG at 4PM to inquire if they’d add numbers to sport jerseys and if it can be done by mid-day next day. Cathileen eagerly said they do. It was a relief because I called a soccer shop and their turnaround time was 1.5 weeks out. Due to circumstances at my daughter’s high school, we had to add the numbers at the last minute!

I arrived at 4:15PM (45 minutes before they close) and was greeted with Cathileen. She found the numbers but they came in 1 size and I needed 2 difference sizes. She said she will try to cut a set of smaller numbers if she has time but no promise. I came to pick up the jersey at Noon the next day and jersey had 2 sizes numbers on it!

I’m so thankful for Cathileen to take the time to cut the numbers and for the quick turnaround. BYOG provided exceptional customer service to a very happy customer!