Laurina S.

Mike Daw

I’m sad I didn’t find this business a lot sooner. A good friend of mine referred me to this company to order gear for my school (UC Berkeley). I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism the employees exuded. Not only that, I was able to order gear and have it in hand within 3 weeks. Every other company will tell you 4-6 weeks because they usually send it to China. Everything is pressed at their facilities in Dublin. They were willing to work with our student org as we had time constraints. Cathileen created an online store for us where our members were able to order the shirts and pay themselves. All I had to do was give her an address for shipment. This was a tremendous help as I didn’t have to front over $5,000 for the order. I cannot wait to sport our Cal swag!