Top 5 Promotional Products You Need for a Company Party

company party promotional products

So you have been tasked with organizing the next company party. The list seems endless, but you are motivated to make this the very best company party ever! To help you, we have put together a list of the most useful and popular promotional products that not only can be used at the company party, but your employees will want to take these home and use them in their free time. This is good news for you because they will all have your company branding already on them which will lead to more people seeing your company logo and your employees will love you for giving them something that they will actually use.

1) Lawn Chairs

This is often overlooked as a great promotional product to put your company logo on. You can use them at the company party so everyone has a place to sit and give them away at the end for your employees to take home. More often than not, your employees will use these at a BBQ, kids sports games, or just to go to the beach.

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2) Wheeled Coolers

You can use these to store all of the beverages and anything that needs to remain cold and again, at the end of the party you can have your employees take these to use in their life away from work. Often, people will use these when they go to tailgate parties, swim meets, block parties, etc.

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3) Easy Up’s

These serve two purposes. You can use these when it is hot out and could use some shade or as shelter when it is raining. Your employees would love to have one of these that they can use for personal purposes and the great thing is that they will be helping you promote your business!

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4) Reusable Water Bottles

With our nation getting focused on being more healthy, you see more and more people drinking water every day. On top of that, there is a concern about the environment with all of the plastic bottles. So people are turning to reusable water bottles to help the environment and to save some money. What they won’t think about, is that they will also be helping you promote your business with every sip if you have your logo custom branded on the reusable water bottles.

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5) Reusable Left Over Containers

So you made sure that there will be plenty of food at the party, but what do you do with all of the leftovers? Your employees will appreciate you for the special containers you are supplying them with to take home all of those leftovers. AND, since they are reusable, they will gladly use them to bring their lunches every day.

There are countless types of promotional products that you can get for your company party, but we just wanted to share with you not only the most common promotional products that you can get for your next company party but also which are the most likely to give you a great return on your investment.


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