Do you want to add a fun touch to your Thanksgiving office party this year? How about special Thanksgiving shirts or coffee mug for this year\’s Thanksgiving dinner that your family will remember for years to come? Are you coordinating a volunteer event this Thanksgiving season and looking for matching t-shirts for your team?

Buying a large quantity of matching Thanksgiving shirts can be expensive and there are only so many designs to choose from. What if you could design custom t-shirts for your event and also save money? Build Your Own Garment (BYOG) provides custom t-shirts, apparel, and products that won\’t break the bank. You can design the shirt you want with custom text and images. Here are some fun ideas for your next Thanksgiving get together.

Family Thanksgiving Shirts

Do you have a special family Thanksgiving event this year? Make it one to remember with customized family Thanksgiving shirts. This shirt could read \”Family Thanksgiving (year)\” and you can include a custom graphic or photo of your choice. Maybe it\’s a family reunion and the whole family is getting together for the first time in a long time. The shirt could read \”Thanksgiving Family Reunion (year).\”

Of course, you can also come up with your own phrase or slogan, whether it be silly, sappy, or something personal to you and your family, the sky is the limit! The BELLA+CANVAS Unisex Jersey Long Sleeve Tee would be a great shirt to begin your design. A plain white shirt (or color of your choice) with long sleeves is perfect for chilly Fall weather.

Or make it a customized coffee mug instead, starting with this link.

Custom Thanksgiving Shirts For Your Office Party

Are you throwing your employees a special office party for Thanksgiving? Why not add some fun customized t-shirts into the mix?! You can get creative with this one. Add your company logo and/or business name to personalize it. If you want to make it funny, add an image of a turkey with the slogan \”why do you eat me like that?\” or a picture of a piece of pumpkin pie with the slogan \”official pumpkin pie tester.\”

Your office staff will appreciate your efforts in making their party extra special with a customized t-shirt. You can even customize wine glasses for your employees and make a special toast during the party to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. You can start with a simple white t-shirt like this  or a custom wine glass like this

Customized Sweatshirts For Your Thanksgiving Volunteer Event

Are you coordinating a volunteer event this year at a local homeless shelter, church, or soup kitchen? Help your team to stand out from the crowd with some awesome custom-designed sweatshirts or T-shirts. Get your organization or team name printed onto a pullover hoodie like one of these.

You can customize your sweatshirt or t-shirt with an image of your choice and maybe even an inspiring quote like \”Giving back this Thanksgiving.\” Your volunteer team will easily be able to spot each other and it will help the event go much more smoothly if everyone has a matching hoodie or t-shirt. Your volunteers will feel appreciated and special too when you hand them their awesome new custom sweatshirts!

Customized T-Shirts For Your Thanksgiving Parade

Are you and a group of people participating in a Thanksgiving parade this year? Represent your group in style with matching custom t-shirts! Design your own t-shirt and stand out from the crowd. You can add custom embroidery, glitter, glam, or anything you want with BYOG\’s online t-shirt designer. You can get creative with it and get your team involved in the process. Add your group name and logo if you have one. Do you have a slogan? You can add that too!

If you are representing your brand, you can customize a t-shirt that will grab the audience\’s attention, and gain more exposure for your brand. Customize it with your brand name and logo so they know where to find you online.

Custom Youth T-Shirts For The Classroom

Are you a teacher looking for a fun craft to do with your classroom? Having your class design their own custom t-shirts is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and it\’s something they will have to remember for years to come.

You can start with a basic design using a plain white t-shirt. Maybe add a picture of a cute turkey and have it say (Your name\’s) class\” and then the year. For example, \”Mrs. Winding\’s Class 2019.\” You can then have your class add their own touch to the shirts with glue, glitter, markers, pom poms, etc! Your class will have tons of fun adding their own style to their custom t-shirt.

Customized Thanksgiving Baseball Cap

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving with your team this year? Maybe you\’re a coach and you want to give your baseball or little league team something special. A customized baseball cap would be a great gift to give your team for your Thanksgiving get together! You can add your team name, logo, and it can say something like \”thankful for my team\” or customize it however you like. You can start with a plain white baseball cap or add your team colors with one of these.


Are you ready to get started with your customized T-shirt, apparel item, or product? At BYOG, we offer high-quality materials, designs, and products at a great price. Our turnaround time is quick and we provide great attention to detail so your design comes out exactly how you imagined it! We care about our customers and we offer top-notch customer service and communication so you are comfortable and confident throughout the whole process.

So whether you need a custom T-shirt for your family get-together, holiday office party, classroom party, a Thanksgiving parade, or a volunteer event, BYOG is the place to get started! You can start here with our online designer. Just pick the product of your choice and then start designing.

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