Embroidery Versus Screen Printing for Work Apparel

Embroidery Versus Screen Printing for Custom Work Apparel

There are several techniques used to decorate custom work apparel, especially corporate logo apparel–but the most common methods are embroidery and screen printing. However, each has unique benefits meaning that they work better for certain types of work attire.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is decorating fabric with a needle and thread. It gives a garment more dimension and allows your logo to stand out. Embroidery thread is coated and the sheen from the thread helps to add the 3D effect to your garment.

 What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is where a design is set on a silk screen or other fine mesh and ink is forced through onto the printing surface – your garment. Screen printed designs often look like they were painted or printed on. They offer the ability to create large, detailed designs that might not be possible with embroidery. However, these designs are one dimensional.

Best Applications for Corporate Apparel

Logo embroidery is generally used for work uniforms or promotional materials. Many companies throughout the world utilize embroidery to help their company’s logo stand out. Embroidered logos are done on the left chest on shirts and look sharp on polos and button-downs. They also look good on hats, sweatshirts, jackets, and bags. Embroidered logos are generally used when a company is going for a more formal look. If you are needing a large embroidered design, we do not recommend using t-shirts as they are often too thin to properly hold all the stitches for that design.

Screen printed designs are best used on t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts or other less formal work attire. T-shirts and sweatshirts provide a smooth surface to apply the ink to. Screen printing allows for large, very detailed logo designs and can work if you need to to do a full-front or full-back design.

Regardless of which you choose, embroidery and screen-printing designs are equally durable and often outlast the item they are printed on.


Pricing for screen printing and embroidery depend on a number of elements.

For embroidery, many companies price based on the stitch count that goes into creating your logo. In most cases, the more stitches needed, the higher the price will be. If your logo requires very few stitches, this could be a great option for your company. However, some companies offer a flat pricing structure which can help alleviate some of the cost for more intricate designs.

For screen printing, companies price based on the number of shirts, number of colors in the logo, and the number of locations printed on a shirt. This can be a great method to choose if you have to print a large quantity of shirts as many companies lower the price per shirt for bulk orders. However, this isn’t a great option if your logo has many different colors because each color pushes the cost up more. It can also be quite costly if you plan to put your logo on several different spots on the shirt.

Ready to Print Your Logo on Custom Work Apparel?

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