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Custom Tank Tops For Everyone

Now that summer has officially arrived, it\’s important to be dressed in weather appropriate clothing that will have you looking and feeling cool; custom tank tops.

Summertime is also the perfect season for sporting your organization\’s fashionable custom tank tops. From simple casual wear and athleisure to straight up athletic wear, the tank top brings a degree of versatility to an organization looking to offer more than just t-shirts.

Let\’s take a look at the three of the most popular customizable tank top styles. Maybe one of them will pique your interest, inspiring you to create a new design for yourself and your team.


Customizable Classic Tank Top

aka The Timeless Look

Whether you\’re trying to beat the heat or the humidity, the lightweight versatility of the tank top makes it the perfect summer wear for both men and women.

Made popular in mainstream America in the 1950s when actor Marlon Brando sported the tank top in the film \”A Streetcar Named Desire\”, the garment was primarily worn in public in the summer beginning in the 1930s by Italian immigrants living in New York City. According to Mel Magazine, they first entered men\’s wardrobes in 1935 in Chicago as a corresponding top for the newly introduce briefs underwear by Cooper\’s Inc, which is now the modern-day Jockey.

Men also wore them during World War II, which helped to increase their casual wear during the post-war era. The 1970s are where the tank top hit its stride as a fashion staple.

The tank top is worn as its own upper garment, or as an undershirt. The shirt is sometimes called a wife beater, although we believe that nickname has and should go out of fashion.

Also called an \”A-shirt\” (athletic shirt), tank tops – which feature reinforced neck and armholes – are most commonly seen worn as part of athletic wear, such as basketball or track and field jerseys, gymnastics, and beach and gym clothes.

Given their use as jerseys in sports, the classic tank top has plenty of room on the front and back for screen printing your organization\’s graphic designs and branding. If you\’re interested in custom college clothing, they\’re perfect for that as well.

They can be worn with shorts, athletic pants and running shoes, or jeans and street shoes.

From our catalog:

BELLA+CANVAS Unisex Jersey Tank


Custom Athletic Tank Tops

aka Muscle Tanks

The muscle tank is modeled off of the more classic sleeveless shirt, worn as part of the rising \”athleisure\” fashion style in which a person will wear athletic clothing in a more casual everyday setting.

The sleeveless shirt\’s design is both cool and vintage. According to the Manly Manners blog, they were worn by gymnasts in the 1800s \”so as to enable maximum flexibility.\”

The basic structure of the garment follows the traditional t-shirt pattern, including the neck, but sleeves have been removed revealing the shoulders and the arms. Like the classic \”A-shirt,\” muscle tanks are reinforced around the neck and armholes. Their improved durability makes them perfect for someone with a more active lifestyle.

If Hollywood helped to propel sleeveless shirts into the mainstream, the newer athleisure movement has helped to push the envelope for those living an active lifestyle. Sleeveless shirts are meeting a practical fashion demand as the culture has shifted to promote a healthy living consciousness.

The design became popular with surfers and bodybuilders in the 1980s, which is how it earned its name. Nowadays, muscle tanks are perfect for colleges and universities, schools, construction and safety professionals, athletics, sports, and small businesses.

We carry both a unisex and women\’s jersey muscle tank.

From our catalog:

BELLA+CANVAS Unisex Jersey Muscle Tank 
BELLA+CANVAS Women\’s Jersey Muscle Tank


Custom Fashion Tank Tops

For The Stylish Ones

The tank top gets its name from the days when it was first worn as the top part of a woman\’s swimsuit. Swimming pools were called \”swimming tanks\” – hence the matching name for the attire. The \”tank suit,\” according to, made an appearance during the swimming events at the Stockholm Olympics of 1912 and was considered \”shocking and immodest.\”

These days, custom tank tops are an essential component of a woman\’s summer wardrobe, from solid colors to ones with graphics and logos on the front and back. There are also a wide variety of designs to choose from as well.

For example, the flowy high-neck tank keeps the essential structure of the tank top, but its relaxed draped fit falls loosely around the sides, much like a blouse. The flowy side-slit tank, on the other hand, has a wider neck. Both garments, as well as the slouchy tank, have thin shoulder straps.

The racerback tank is a variation of a more athletic style one might wear at the gym or out with friends on a sunny day. The front of the garment has plenty of room for designs representing sororities, charities, marathons, and office trivia teams.

The girls\’ V.I.T. tank might be something a girl would wear on an afternoon out with her friends.

The women\’s tank top has come a long way since the early swimming tank days.

From our catalog:

New Era Ladies Heritage Blend Racerback Tank
BELLA+CANVAS Women\’s Flowy Side-Slit Tank
BELLA+CANVAS Women\’s Jersey Racerback Tank
BELLA+CANVAS Women\’s Slouchy Tank
Girls V.I.T. Tank

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