Under Armour Volleyball Gear That Will Give Your Volleyball Players An Advantage

Volleyball players work hard on the court. Their bodies can take a beating while chasing the ball around the court, and it doesn’t take long for sweat to show. With the right gear, you can support volleyball players comfort and safety, giving them an advantage during play. Consider these products from Under Armour volleyball items that will help your players perform at their best and recover more quickly after the game.

Compression Wear


For an advantage on the volleyball court, outfit your players with Under Armour compression wear. This is ultra-tight clothing that is designed to fit almost like a second skin. Providing body compression that has several added benefits. The compression improves muscle power, reduces muscle fatigue, and shortens recovery time. It also helps to improve blood flow and reduces the risk of inflammation.

Under Armour, compression gear has several features that will add to your players’ comfort. The stretch construction moves smoothly in all directions. The material is also designed to wick away moisture and dry quickly, to keep your players cool and dry during play. The shorts and leggings have wide, comfortable waistbands. Finally, seamless construction offers added comfort with less risk of chaffing during play.


There are multiple compression garments available to help support your players. Under Armour offers shorts, leggings, and compression sleeves. For female volleyball players who need unconstructed motion and support, Under Armour provides sport bra options such as their UA Armour Mid with Cups. High-performance compression gear can help your players feel more comfortable and confident during play, which will let them keep their mind on the game.

Knee Pads

Protect your players’ joints and give them the confidence to dive and dig during major plays with knee pads. Under Armour, knee pads are stylish and match easily with any uniform. They are constructed with fabric designed to absorb sweat to keep the knees cool and dry. With a smart hinged design, they provide the necessary protection without inhibiting mobility.

Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball players perform well when they have the freedom to race around the court and jump to spike or block the ball. All of that activity can be high-impact, especially on the hard surface of a volleyball court. In the past, volleyball players had to wear high-top basketball shoes or wear braces for ankle support. However, Under Armour now has the perfect solution.


The Under Armour Highlight Ace is specially designed for volleyball. These shoes provide both ankle support and a lightweight construction. The ankle support comes from a built-in ankle collar that stretches for smooth movement. Breathable mesh fabric makes the shoes light and comfortable. These shoes have foam interiors that mold to the shape of the foot, leading to maximum comfort. The soles are impact absorbing to prevent discomfort, pain, and injury.

For a more traditional design, you can consider the Under Armour Block City shoe. These do not have the ankle support, which some players may prefer. Still, they provide comfort through midfoot panels that provide extra stability and foot support. Also, they have impact absorbing soles for maximum protection.

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All of the Under Armour volleyball gear can be custom screen printed transfer or embroidered with your team name and logo, and with a wide range of colors to choose from, you’ll find the perfect match for your volleyball team’s comfort and looks.

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