7 Reasons Why Custom Journals Make A Great Promotional Product

​Choosing the perfect promotional product for your company can be a challenge. You need to select a product that\’s appealing to a broad audience, that is useful and will get exposure, and that is long lasting even in storage. In many ways, journals can make the ideal promotional product. Here we look at 7 reasons why custom journals make an excellent promotional item for your company.


  1. Keep Track of Thoughts, Ideas and Inspiration

People love journals because they provide an opportunity to keep track of their thoughts, ideas and actions over time, providing a reliable account or a creative outlet. Because of the many ways journals can be used, they are sure to give your brand name or logo exposure in a variety of contexts.


  1. They Are Viewed As Valuable

There\’s nothing worse than investing in company branded promotional products, only to see them thrown away by recipients. Journals, however, are incredibly useful and versatile, and recipients will hold on to and use journals for many years to come.


  1. They Will See A Lot of Mileage

Journals are a possession that\’s not only used in one environment but can be carried around from workplace to home, to vacation. More mileage for your promotional item means more people see your brand name or logo, and better exposure for your business.


  1. Useful in a Range Of Contexts

Journals are useful for offices, classrooms, worksites, study, travel, home, taking notes, recording memories or monitoring progress. The great scope of usefulness and versatility that journals offer means that they will get used and visibility in many different settings and contexts.


  1. Easy to Store and Carry

Firstly, journals are compact, don\’t spoil, and are easy to store, which means your investment in promotional items won\’t expire or go to waste. Secondly, their compactness makes them easy to carry, ensuring your company name leaves the recipients home or office.


  1. They Are Long Lasting

Unlike edible gifts which can go bad or fabrics which can absorb moisture and mildew, journals are long-lasting and retain their value when stored well. Journals may be used for many months, or even years, and throughout all of this time, your company branded journals are acting as promotional material for your business.


  1. It\’s Something Unique

While custom branded promotional pens and promotional screen-printed t-shirts are some of the most popular promotional items, a promotional branded custom journal will make your company stand out. Offering something different and unique is a huge advantage because clients place a higher value on something that is more unusual and rare. Instead of having your promotional item being pushed aside because it’s just another knick-knack, giving away something unique and useful like a journal stay in peoples’ minds for a long time.


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These 7 reasons offer great incentives for choosing journals as your next company promotional item. Talk to BYOG today about finding the ideal logo and custom journals designs to make your next company promotional item a hit.

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