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Custom Holiday Gifts for Clients

The holidays are quickly approaching. This means that it\’s a good time to start planning holiday gifts for clients. It\’s never too early to begin thinking about what holiday gifts to purchase for this special time of year. Getting an early start is especially important during the pandemic, both for planning purposes and peace of mind.

Holiday gifts are a great way to show clients that you appreciate their business. They’re also a valuable way to remind customers of your business and brand. While custom holiday gifts are a thoughtful gesture, they can also serve double-duty by acting as promotional products for your company.

When deciding which custom holiday gifts to give this year, consider your recipients. What would they most enjoy and find useful? There are certain things that always come in handy and are appreciated. Read on to learn more about the best kinds of holiday gifts to give to clients this season.


Pens are a classic gift and for good reason—they always come in handy. No one can have enough pens. Pens around the house, in the office, in the car, and in a pocketbook are useful and practical. High-quality pens can be especially valuable for people who do a lot of writing. As simple as it may seem, a good pen is often a treasured possession. When you give custom holiday pens to clients as a seasonal gift, they will appreciate the item for its practicality, and also be reminded of your kindness and services every time they reach for a writing implement. The more your brand is seen and recognized, the more awareness you build around your company. A holiday pen is a great place to put your logo and business information so that it can be easily seen by your clients many times throughout the day, each time they enjoy their holiday gift.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer may seem like an unorthodox holiday gift but, in this day and age, it\’s likely to be appreciated by any recipient. Because of covid-19, most of us are sanitizing our hands several times per day. Having enough hand sanitizer available is important for our health and safety. Gifting your clients customized holiday bottles of hand sanitizer shows them that you are looking out for their wellness. It\’s a gift that will be appreciated for its usefulness and convenience. When you add your logo to the design, you ensure that your clients are reminded of you and your brand every time they sanitize their hands throughout the day. A travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer can be carried with your client everywhere they go. It\’s an essential, and thoughtful, item for the holiday season and beyond.

Flash Drives

Flash drives are excellent custom holiday gifts for clients as well. In a business setting, flash drives are used almost constantly. For easily transferring and transporting digital files and information, there is no better tool than a flash drive. But the thing about flash drives is that there are often none to be found right when you need one. For this reason, a flash drive is the perfect holiday gift for your clients. When they need a flash drive, they will have one at the ready thanks to you. And, unlike ordinary flash drives, this one will be customized with your brand or logo. 

A flash drive can be used again and again to transport different digital files. It\’s likely that, if you give a client a flash drive, they will keep it for several years and use it many times. Because it will be branded with your information, your clients will be reminded of your brand and presence every time they transfer or store digital information. Additionally, if they use this flash drive to give information to someone else, your brand information will go along with it. For this reason, a customized holiday flash drive is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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Travel Mug

The environment is something that\’s on many people\’s minds. All of us are working harder to cut down on our use of single-use plastics and disposable items. Gifting your client a reusable travel mug for the holidays is a great way to show your good wishes while helping them in this endeavor. A double-wall, stainless steel travel mug is a mainstay for anyone. It can be taken in the car, on the train, or used in a home office. Because it has vacuum insulation, a stainless steel travel mug is the perfect thing for anyone who enjoys iced or hot drinks. This travel mug will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer than an ordinary mug. Any client who receives a gift like this will love and appreciate it and use it for years to come. As an added benefit, you can customize holiday travel mug gifts with your own logo or imagery. When your client sees your logo everytime they enjoy a beverage, a positive association to your brand will be strengthened, little by little each day. 

Face Masks

Everyone is wearing face masks these days and you can\’t have too many of them. Because face masks are being worn everywhere, it\’s important to keep some in the car, in your jacket pocket, and at home. Your clients will surely appreciate a customized face mask for the holiday season. Face masks are the best way to protect yourself from covid-19, aside from washing your hands and social distancing. So, a comfortable, stylish one is sure to be appreciated. You can add your logo or tagline to the customized holiday masks that you give out this season. That way, your clients will be sure to think of you every time they go out in public. As an added benefit, the mask will act as free promotion for your brand because your logo will be seen by everyone around. It\’s truly a win-win situation.

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More Custom Gift Ideas

For more ideas about custom holiday gifts for clients this season, visit our website. At BYOG we have a wide range of customizable gifts that your clients will love and appreciate. Contact us today for more information, either by phone or online. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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