Custom Embroidered Caps

5 Custom Branded Spring Apparel and Gift Ideas

We might be in the height of winter but better days are only a couple of months away. Now is the perfect time to start thinking of what custom branded spring apparel you may want to buy!

Whether you are playing in a softball team, organizing a spring break trip, or something else entirely, BYOG has the custom branded apparel you need.

Here are five fun items you should check out in preparation for springtime:


Embroidered Caps

Custom Branded Spring Apparel - Embroidered Cap

Showcase your brand with these beautiful custom embroidered caps!

High-quality embroidery work is the perfect way to elevate a design. It adds texture, stands out, and lasts longer than other techniques.

Additionally, these caps are available in over 20 color combinations, so there is almost certainly one that’s perfect for your brand.

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Tank Tops

Custom Branded Spring Apparel - Tank Top

These tank tops are comfortable, breathable, and available in several colors. Outfit your team with these for pool parties, hiking trips, spring break, and more!

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Outback Hats

Custom Branded Spring Apparel - Outback Hat

Looking for a custom branded hat that’s a little outside of the box? You found it! Whether you’re traveling Down Under or going to the beach, this 100% cotton canvas outback hat is sure to keep you cool.

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Sunscreen (SPF 30)

Custom Branded Spring Gifts - Sunscreen

With higher temperatures comes an increased risk of sunburns. Keep your team safe with these convenient travel-sized sunscreen bottles!

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Beach Towels

Custom Branded Spring Gifts - Towels

Make a splash at the next pool party with these bright cotton beach towels. The combination of embroidered and transfer designs allow you to unleash your creative side and come up with something truly unique. This is a gift your team will enjoy using all year.

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