ANSI Class Reflectivity Level Requirements Explained

When it comes to choosing high-quality, ANSI compliant safety gear, not just any vest will do. ANSI compliant safety gear needs to meet certain stringent specifications set by the American National Standards Institute for both the amount of background and reflective material, and the characteristics of the background and reflective material. Each class of ANSI garment has different requirements for… Read More.

Does Black High Visibility Gear Meet ANSI Safety Standards?

Choosing the right high visibility safety gear for your workers is essential. Hi-vis vests, jackets and other safety clothing help improve the visibility of your workers so that they are seen and noticed, which keeps them safe on your work site. This is especially important when work is taking place near busy roadways or moving traffic. The standard set by… Read More.

5 Inexpensive ANSI Class High Visibility Vests That Are Still High Quality

ANSI class high visibility vests are essential for keeping your workers and your business safe. The ANSI certification represents a level of quality and performance that ensures the highest level of risk reduction and safety when used in potentially dangerous work environments. When you have a lot of workers who need to wear ANSI class high visibility vests, finding great… Read More.