6 Must Have Promotional Products for an Eco-Friendly Office


Many companies, large and small, are taking it upon themselves to lead by example and adopt business practices that are conducive to making the world a better place. If you’re in the market for customized promotional products for one of these eco-friendly offices, use this opportunity to make an impression by putting your green foot forward and demonstrating your support for the movement.

If you need some ideas, don’t worry – here is our list of 6 Must Have Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for your office:

1)   Phone Stands

The smart phone is everyone’s second brain, personal assistant, and right-hand man. We wake up to our smart phone alarm and go to sleep texting our loved ones from it. Smart phone stands aren’t something that we normally buy ourselves but they are nice to receive as gifts. Gifting your clients a bamboo or recycled phone stand will remind them not only of your company, but also of your company’s commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

2)  Stationary

Every office needs stationary – even in the age of the laptop. Give away sticky notes and note pads with your company’s colors imprinted on 100% recycled paper so that their most important thoughts will be written with you in mind.

3)  Padfolios

Eco Promotional Products has the super impressive, tree-free padfolio made from apple peels, with a 50-page notepad made from apple peels and residuals. Get your logo imprinted on the inside or somewhere that your gift recipients can see it, but their clients can’t.

4)  Reusable straws 

Thanks to the recent discovery that use of plastic water bottles are correlated to certain types of cancer, glassware and stainless steel are becoming more popular, and glass straws are another cool promotional item that any eco-warrior will appreciate. Glass Dharma straws come in all shapes and sizes – for any beverage from cocktails to smoothies to water. And their handmade hemp packaging, for easy travel, is a great choice for custom embroidery.

5)  Reusable Food Containers

Both Lifestyle Block and PlanetBox make sleek eco-friendly stainless steel containers that you can use to carry snacks or lunch. They’re chic, and modern, and easy to clean.

6)  Business Cards

The epitome of promotional products, the business card is actually also one of the most thrown-away. In the past, friends of the environment would be forced to choose between professionalism and eco-consciousness. But there’s another, very cool option now: the seed paper business card is made from 100% recycled materials, and has wildflower seeds inside. So when you’re business card starts overcrowding its recipient, he or she can just plant it in the yard and wait for flowers to grow. What better way to make an impression than that? Get a 100% recycled business card holder to store them.

Leave a lasting impression on your customers. Contact BYOG to learn more about how our eco-friendly promotional products can promote your business.

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