4 Ideas to Help You Plan Your Spirit Wear Fundraiser


School spirit week is an age-old tradition that encourages students to take a break from the grind, have fun at school, embrace their academia, and get excited about school spirit. For those involved in raising funds, it is also a great opportunity for a… well – fundraiser! If you’re one of those with the entrepreneurial edge, then look at our tips for planning a spirit wear fundraiser:

1)  Determine Your Goals

For what purpose are you raising funds? For a school dance or event? For a charity? While there are plenty of great reasons to raise capital, make sure that everyone involved – including those who will purchase from you – are clear on the details. This preemptive consideration will ensure that there are no misunderstandings when the cash flows in. Furthermore, if you set a goal amount of money that you want to raise, then everyone involved sees this goal, and feels connected to it, rooting for the fundraiser and the cause to which the money will go.

2)  Decide On A Product

Although tee shirts tend to be the go-to for school spirit week, there are other products that encompass an equally large and diverse group of spirit goers. A baseball cap, for example, is good for sporting events, or outdoor spirit week contests, and can get more use than the tee since they can be worn every day and with a variety of outfits.

3)  Involve As Many People As Possible

The more people that are personally affected by the cause, the more people that will feel connected to it and will want to see it through to the end – and the more successful you will be. There are plenty of ways to involved people. If you are going to sell tee shirts, have a tee-shirt designing contest, with a vote at the end to decide on which design you will use. One design can be chosen for each class, and make sure to add the name of each student on the final product. Ask students, teachers and parents to sell the product to friends and family. Maybe even give a prize to the person that raises the most money.

4)  Consider Promoting Your Product Outside Of The School

You don’t have to limit your fundraising to just students, parents and faculty. Although it will take a bit more time, and possibly more investment capital, a well-executed school project could take the form of an amazing product that people outside of the school will want to buy – especially when its for a cause, such as school spirit. In this case you will need to define the parameters of the fundraiser a little more carefully and may need to obtain a license or permission to sell the product, but it’s a great way to involve the entire community in the efforts of spirit week.

School spirit week is an amazing time of the year for creation, unification, sports and fundraising. Be sure to have a solid plan for a spirit wear fundraiser from start to finish and a little hard work will go a long way in funding school activities for the rest of the year.

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